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Friday, August 31, 2012

Boxing September to Remember

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It has been a while since I post about boxing. I’ve been a lot into basketball nowadays because Philback’s Inter-company 8th season becomes exciting as the elimination round near its end.

However, it will not stop me from writing about boxing especially this September. This month is something worth to follow. To all my fellow OFW who followed ShuttlePen for the sake of my silly and sometimes bias opinion about boxing I hope you may still find time to read.

Here are some mouth-watering match-up this September that is worth to remember.

1. Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson for the WBC/WBA Super Middleweight World Titles.

2. Daniel Ponce De Leon vs. Jhonny Gonzalez for the WBC Featherweight Title.

3. Saul Alvarez vs. Josesito Lopez for the WBC Junior Middleweight World Title.

4. Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. for the Middleweight World Title.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Go Sports vs. Nasser Sports: The Sports Apparel’s Battle, Who Will Prevail?

Photo via Philback

7th Conference Champion, Nasser Sports Center is up against another sporting gear leader Go Sports in the ongoing elimination round of Philback’s Inter-company Division 8th conference cup basketball tournament, in Al-Khalijia School, Reggai.

Nasser Sports with a record of 8–5 is hoping to win all their two remaining games to tie with United COE at 10–5 to assure a spot in the quarterfinal round. Mathar and Al-Ghanim are also possible teams that might also finish with the same record.

These four teams would definitely position for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh spot. While Kuwait Steel got the first spot and either Americana or IKEA would take the second and third spot depending on their last two games result.


On the other hand Go Sports will seek to win their last match to tie with First Kuwaiti and Ebomac at 9–6 for the chance to secure the last quarterfinal-spot at number eight.

But this scenario is just one of several possibilities. All will vary every games outcome except for the first, second and third spot which are clear. This is where the closing matches are fun and exciting to watch that’s why lets hang on and follow every Philback’s basketball tournament games.

Next week, I’ll be writing another possibility. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How Secured Americana at Number Two Spot?

Photo via Philback

IKEA defeated United COE on Friday—that keep them at number three spot. In the latest Philback standing update posted on facebook, Americana have 11–2 record with two remaining games, while IKEA have 10–3, with also two remaining games in the ongoing elimination round of Philbacks Inter-company basketball tournament 8th conference cup. 

Americana still need to win their two remaining games to solidify their claim at number two spot. If Americana will win only one of their last two games—they will have 12-3 record and granted that IKEA will win their two remaining matches—it will be a tie at 12–3.

In this case, as per Philback, a win over the other will apply. However, it would be very tough for IKEA to win all those two remaining games.

It is exciting and fun to watch how these two teams will handle their last two games as the basketball tournament elimination round closes. .

The number two spot, based on Philbacks previous basketball tournament procedure—will benefit from a twice-to-beat advantage. A fate already enjoyed by Kuwait Steel—who secured the number one spot. Even a loss in their last game will not affect their status.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Will United COE’s 3-Game Losing Streak Continue to QF Round?

Outnumbered United COE

United COE—Inter-company Division's defending champion, finished the elimination round with 3-game losing streak to settle with 10-5 win-loss card in the ongoing Philback basketball tournamnet 8thconference cup. 

United COE’s three straight losses suffered from division leaders–Kuwait Steel, Americana and finally IKEA for the last Friday’s game.

However, IKEA’s tough defense forced Remulta to pass the ball to Alcantara from the three-point country but misfires. Navarro grabs the offensive board and a put-back but was fouled in the process.

Romy Navarro was under intense pressure but able to sank in two important free throws to even the score.

However, in the overtime, IKEA pulled a rally that started from a 3point conversion that triggered a momentum shift that the weary and outnumbered United COE unable to overcome. IKEA prevail. 

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Below were some photos of the action.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Americana crushes United COE to likely secure number two spot

Photo via Philback facebook page

Americana shows superior firepower to outgun the defending champion – United COE. The food company also delivers blazing fast breaks to also outrun United COE to win with double digit margin during last Friday's game of Philbacks' Inter-company division's ongoing elimination round.

The result would likely position Americana in the number two spot behind Kuwait Steel at number one. Most likely also these two teams would enjoy twice-to-beat advantage going into the quarterfinal round.

United COE will be likely hang on to the third or fourth spot, depending on the remaining games of  those teams that have the same United COE standing.

I can’t wait to see Philbacks’ update on elimination standing that will be posted on their facebook fan page to anticipate quarterfinal matchups.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

United COE vs. Americana: Why this match-up is exciting to watch?

One of the expected and yet exciting match-up to watch for Philbacks’ Inter-company Division is Americana against defending champion United COE on Friday. August 17, 2012. Why because these two teams along with Kuwait Steel are sure qualified to the quarterfinal round.

It only means that when these teams face each other in the elimination round; it is a way to fathom each other strength–chances are they will meet again in the semis.

What makes it more important for United COE and Americana to win tomorrow’s match?

Well, granted that Kuwait Steel would come out on top in the elimination, (which is likely to happen) United COE and Americana will be fighting for the number 2 spot. And what is the catch?–the luxury of having twice-to-beat advantage. 

I based my assumption from the previous conference format, wherein the number one and two spot after the elimination will enjoy the said advantage. Granted that this is the case, then expect action-packed game tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three reasons why Kuwait Steel could possibly finish elimination undefeated

Kuwait Steel although in their first appearance in Philbacks’ Inter-company division sends a clear message that they really are made of steel with 11-0 win loss card. Eleven teams had tried to erase that “O” in their unblemished record, however failed.

Here are the reasons why Kuwait Steel would end up the elimination round unscratched.

3. Kuwait Steel already beaten Americana–one of the divisions powerhouse with a very good start this conference with 6-game winning streak before giving up a perfect record.

2. The steel company defeated also the defending champion–United COE in one of the most exciting inter-company battle. Kuwait Steel managed to tackle eleven-point deficit and come out as the winner during last Friday’s game.

1. Kuwait Steel has more or less four remaining games in the elimination. Those teams that Kuwait Steel has to face are somewhere below the top four standing as on August 10 updating. I am not taking away anything or looking past those teams but Kuwait Steel chances of winning is high and may stay undefeated going into the quarterfinal round.

Although the first reason may not a guarantee to secure twice-to-beat advantage dahil sabi nga ng mga basketbolista “bilog ang bola”.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Philback 9th Conference: Line-up submission is going on

Image via Philback facebook page

Attention to all basket ball enthusiasts who are looking for basketball tournaments here in Kuwait, Philback is now accepting line-ups for Inter-medical and open division 9th conference tournament.

According to Philback's facebook fan page post, the opening will be on September 21, 2012. If you are a basketball aficionado create your team now and be part of Philback’s 9th conference tournament.

This basketball tournament is organized by Philback includes four different Divisions namely;Inter-company Division, Inter-medical Division, Open Division and 5'8' Division.

In the previous basketball tournaments all these division will start and end on the same date but for the growing number of teams in the 5'8" Division the basketball tournament is divided.

Open Division and Inter-Medical Division will hold the championship match early compared to Inter-Company and 5'8". Therefore, the tournament in these divisions will finish first that is why they inviting early on to submit line-up.

So you guys out there submit your line-up now and enjoy every Friday, the game that we Filipinos love plus exciting prizes awaits to those finalists in this ever growing basketball tournament in Kuwait

For more info you may call on the following contact numbers;