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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Ryan Garcia's speed, stiff stance

Ryan Garcia demolished Javier Fortuna with ease at the Arena, LA on Saturday night. Fortuna was perceived to be the toughest test of his career at least on paper. However, Garcia handled the task easily by stopping Fortuna in Round 6. Garcia scored a knockdown in Rounds 4 and 5.

Garcia (23-0-0, 19 KOs) may not be your fighter who has the fancy feet. He will be standing stiff upright in front of his opponent, but the kid has the hand speed. The thing why he's so upright, so tight, so stiff maybe, but it's complementing his height advantage. Garcia is tall most of the boxers at 135 lbs. Maybe not at 140 but, he belongs to the taller side of the pack of superlightweight fighters past and present for sure.

What I observe also while he's standing tall facing his opponent, Ryan is difficult to counter especially those shorter opponents because he's not swinging wild to the left of the right or over-extending his arms when throwing a punch or even if he missed hitting. His punches were like rubber bands that will go back in place in a straight line. Not with his left hoo, off course, which will travel at an angle.

The crazy thing also is that these punches that look uncommitted travel so fast. Most of his opponents were not able to anticipate worse won't see it. Another thing also is that since he's not telegraphing it by moving his body or hips to create more power and leverage for his punches still it has decent power that knocks the opponent down.

Because of Garcia's too upright stance in fighting. I do not see him more often in a close-quarter battle. he loves to fight from the outside. He loves to fight at a distance which makes sense to me because as I said he's a tall fighter in the weight class he's in. Hence, I can conclude that since he's fighting his fight. He still has yet to face an opponent that will not let him fight his fight. I want someone like a Shawn Porter style for Garcia. It could be Tank Davis.