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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The 20 boxing truths revealed

While browsing my YouTube channel, I come across a recommended video by YouTube entitled "The 20 Truths About Boxing Revealed" compiled and uploaded by mightyfighterdotcom. I am so entertained that I will not miss sharing it to you.

Full credit to mightyfighterdotcom for this awesome compilation. Enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Peterson retains IBF title, stops Holt in Round 8

Lamont Peterson retains his IBF junior welterweight crown in his home town in Washington, D. C. USA, knocking out challenger Kendall Holt 28-6 (KO 16) in Round 8 after scoring two knockdowns, in rounds four and six, on ESPN's Friday Night Fight. Peterson 31-1-1 (KO 16) let go a steady barrage of punches to Holt’s head that made referee Tony Weeks to stop the fight.

Peterson coming off from 14-month layoff seems hesitant to engage early on: that I gave the first three rounds to Holt. He works from the distance trying to potshot Holt that didn’t work so much in his favor.

In Round 4 Peterson adjusted and fight in front of Holt, digging deep to the body and mixing it up to the head. A big right hand landed on Holt’s head that send him to the floor making the crowd up on their feet. Holt is up at the count of eight and survives the round.

In Round 5, a more confident Peterson stalks a now backpedalling Holt, ducking low to fire more punishing shots to the body. Peterson corners Holt against the rope and smothers him but Holt finishes the round. However in Round 6, Peterson continues smothering Holt that forces the challenger to sit on the rope and finally take a knee for another knockdown. Holt survives the round but this time he is much battered and is about to go.

In Round 7, Holt is on the survival mode: tries to hold Peterson more often and the referee give him warning for holding. Finally in Round 8, Peterson open fires a machine gun of punches directed to Holts head that make the referee to make a decision and order a cease fire at around 1:42 in round 8.

Holt now fell to 3-4 in his last seven bouts, including 0-3 in title fights. He held the WBO 140-pound crown for about nine months in 2008-09.

(Update: In a tweet Kendall Holt says he will move up to 140 pounds.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Showtime six -fight, 30-month deal, from fans perspective

 The number one pound-for-pound boxer on the planet, Floyd Mayweather Jr., made a massive deal with HBO’s rival—ShowTime in a six-fight, 30-month contract.

“The guy's already known as "Money" because he's the world's highest paid athlete, according to Forbes. But after signing Showtime's massive deal, Mayweather may want to consider upgrading his name to "Mega-Money."” Kevin Iole wrote on Yahoo! Sports.
If we talk about how much Floyd will earn from this contract, there is no doubt that this is the biggest so far. But let me see how it appears to a fans perspective. What boxing fan will benefit from this deal? Can we watch these fights for free? I believe not.

 Most, if not all, Mayweather’s mega fight happened only on HBO in a per fight contract. In this set-up, Mayweather has no contractual obligation as to how many fights he should make in a year.  After his short retirement (or vacation) in 2008 that lasted 18 months, Floyd just fought once every year from 2008 to 2012. He had only four bouts in the last four years; Juan Manuel Marquez in September 2009, Shane Mosley in May 2010, Victor Ortiz in September 2011 and Miguel Cotto in May last year.

For the fans, watching Floyd, which is regarded as the best boxer in this era would not be enough. Sure we crave for more Floyd bouts, whether you want him lose or not. At 35 years old his days as a prizefighter might end soon, but not very soon I guess. For Mayweather haters maybe they will not see Floyd lost that highly protected “0” in his record if he chooses to retire anytime soon.

However, in his deal with Showtime, we are assured to watch the best boxer perform and showcase his talent more frequently—six times, than in the last four years, in a 30-month period. That means at least two fights every ten months.

If fans were to benefit from this contract, I think, that’s it. The rest for sure is Floyd Mayweather’s bank account.

Nevertheless, the next question fans would be asking is that who are these six opponents will be? One of them, I'm quiet sure will be Robert Guerrero, on May 4, 2013. Will Floyd still considers Manny Pacquiao to be one of them?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Canelo vs Trout on May 4?

Photo via
In a tweet from Canelo vs. Trout will officially happen on May 4 at the MGM Grand.
"Retweet this is official Canelo vs Trout in May 4." the exact tweet from boxingsocialist.
But still I need to confirm this tweet. Stay tuned for the latest development.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adrien Broner vs. Gavin Rees prediction and analysis: 100% Mismatch

Photo via Google Images

Cincinnati’s Adrien Broner will take on United Kingdom’s Gavin Rees on February 16, 2013 at the Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA for the WBC lightweight title on HBO.

This fight, without taking anything from Rees 37-1-1 (KO 18) as a boxer is a pure mismatch. I hate to spell it but this is what it is. Odds maker sees it 80-1 in favor of Broner 25-0 (KO 21).

This match-up has only one aim: to boost the favorite’s stock-file, showcasing superior talent and skills. Although Rees so far, has the best record compared to any opponent that Broner had fought. But aside from experience, Rees has the entire disadvantage.

No need to say more, I pick Broner like anyone does, TKO round 5, any problem? feel free to comment.

Here are the predictions around the web.

Ryan Bivins - Broner TKO 9 Bad left hook
Scott Christ - Broner TKO 4 Bad left hook
Tim Starks – Broner round six and under. The Queensberry-rules. – Broner TKO round 6.
Blair Newman – Broner 8th round TKO.

(Update: As expected Broner put on a spectacular knockout win against Rees after a slow start. Broner retains title.)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mayweather may fight Alexander, not Guerrero in May

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s tweet on Tuesday created buzz and stirred the boxing world. He tweeted that the front-runner for his May 4 scheduled bout is Devon Alexander. I said what? If this is the truth then what will happen to Devon Alexander vs. Kell Brook bout scheduled on February 23?

Recently, the said bout was postponed because Alexander has suffered a bicep injury according to

It appears to me that, what Mayweather Jr. tweeted is the reason why Alexander postponed again the fight.Then, what happens to Robert Guerrero? His name floats as Floyd’s opponent after he dominated Andre Berto at 147 pounds in November.

I don’t want again to hint that Floyd is ducking Guerrero. However, Guerrero poses more threat to Floyd than Alexander. His aggressive boxing style might land a shot similar to Marquez that would put Floyd into deep trouble. Unlike Alexander, who tends to counter rather than attack, would be easier to handle.

Whatever it is, whenever we heard anything from Floyd—it is always a hit. Stay tuned. I think there will be more of this in a series.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Marquez: “There’s no point”, on Pacquaio’s fifth bout; Do you believe it will still happen?

It is earlier said that Pacquaio-Marquez 5 is done deal. But I don’t believe it. After Marquez knocked out Pacquiao cold on December 8, he said that a fifth bout with Pacquaio will be up to his wife’s decision. He promised his wife that he will retire whatever the outcome of the fourth fight. So, I am not surprised why he said that “there’s no point” for another bout.

"I made a promise and I know that promises are debts," Márquez said in an interview with CNN en Español.

However, I don’t believe also that Pacquiao-Marquez will not happen. I’m sure Marquez is just buying time before he will finally say—‘yes’ in order to gain more leverage to the negotiation table. The more he will say ‘no’ the more offer Arum will bring in front of him.

A lot of Marquez fans were saying that he is a man of pride and not of money and that he will take away his win against Pacquiao to his retirement. Let’s say that is really the case. But still I am sure the fight will happen.

The same pride will pressure Marquez to give Pacquiao the shot for his revenge. Of course, let us not be so hypocrite; let us also include the pressure that the amount of money will bring to push him to fight. This will be the biggest payday of his career. Eight-digit is a good packed-lunch for his retirement.

There’s point or no point, it is either money or pride; bottom line we will be watching Pacquiao vs. Marquez 5 or Marquez vs. Pacquiao 5 (whatever) in September.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Lopez vs Santos: Juanma in a must win situation

Photo via Google Images

Former two time world champion Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez silently go back to the drawing board for a comeback fight against Brazilian Aldimar Silva Santos (18-3, 9 KOs) at the Ruben Rodriquez Coliseum in Puerto Rico on February 2, 2013. The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds at a weight two pounds over the featherweight limit—at 128.

This will be Lopez’s first appearance after serving almost one year of suspension. He was penalized for a bad comment against the referee in last fight against Orlando Salido in March 2012. This bout is presented by PR Best Boxing Promotion in association with Top Rank.

Lopez (31-2, 28 KOs) lost to a rematch against Salido of what would have been his chance to revive his soaring career. But Salido denied his chance.

Juanmas’s future in professional boxing will be at stake in his comeback fight against Santos. The outcome of this fight will set the direction of his career. A decisive win will boosts his confidence level and will help him forget about his two heart-breaking losses against Salido. Juan Manuel Lopez can’t afford for another loss at this point.

A loss would bury his chance to get back from the place where he left and it will only mean that he is just like another fighter who lace the gloves next door.

(Updated, 03, Feb. 2013) Juan Manuel Lopez 32-2 (KO 29) stopped Aldimar Silva Santos 18-4 (KO 9) in the ninth round.