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Saturday, December 31, 2011

United COE continues winning streak: Demolished, outnumbered Square

Reggai, Kuwait – United COE continues winning streak after defeating Square Company on Friday as the action carry on for Philback’s Inter Company Division.

After a gap of more than three weeks: without scheduled game, United COE was so sluggish in the beginning that suits the slow tempo needed by Square to avoid exhaustion for a squad of only eight players.

In the three consecutive quarters, Square manages to lead single digit despite the adversity: capitalizing every opportunity to score.

In the fourth quarter, Square already up by ten points tries to take care the lead while United COE sensing the situation urges their key players to step up the gas and get back to serious business.

Started by Paul Mallari and Romy Navarro the COE pull a rally while the guards, go for a sticky pull court press resulting several turnovers  for Square. 

Square succumb to a come from behind win by the COE.

United COE now having a 7-2: win loss card and is expected to qualify into the semis as the season nears its end.

Watch out for more for United COE in the semis.