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Saturday, August 6, 2016

The fighting senator of the Philippines Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao!

The Pacquiao-Bradley III promotion revolved around the idea that this would be the last fight of the great Manny Pacquiao.

Well, the fight itself wasn't the craving of boxing fans to happen. They wanted Pacquiao to fight the young up and comer in the 140 to the 147-pound division. These include Terrence Crawford, Keith Thurman, Jessie Vargas, and even Adrien Broner.

It was actually a useless rubber match. Pacquiao had nothing to prove against Bradley. He beat the guy up twice, although on the paper it was actually even at that time. Bradley won the first bout in a controversial decision. Pacquiao clearly beat Bradley in the rematch. But according to his promoter, Bob Arum, it's the best option Pacquiao had at that time -- business-wise.

The promotion believed the fight will sell by pushing that this will be the final fight of Pacquiao. Who would of course miss the final fight of one of the greatest boxing in this generation? There's an upcoming Philippine election also during that time, wherein Pacquiao planned to run as a senator. Pacquiao said that he will retire if he will win and focus on his job as a senator. He eventually won last May 2016 as one of the senators of the Philippine Republic. While as a congressman prior to being elected as senator, Pacquiao was heavily criticized at home for so many absences in congress.

I voted Manny Pacquiao for senator. Thinking that he will retire in boxing if he won the May election in the Philippines. He won. But the retirement was short-lived. Pacquiao reportedly taking on Jessie Vargas next. I said what? Manny really wanted to be called the "first in everything". The "first fighting congressman," the "first fighting senator," and who knows the "first fighting president." Such a fate! But isn't it ridiculous?

There's no question that Pacquiao is a generous man.

He wanted to help his countrymen. I voted for him because I wanted him to continue his service to the country. If he retired and had no tools to continue to help the people, then it's hard. He can't give his own personal resources all the time while retired in boxing. Boxing is his major source of income. Being a senator, he can continue to help and serve his people.

Well the millions of Filipinos that voted for him might be thinking the same, that's why he won the elections. But yet he un-retires! I don't know for what reasons why he wants to fight again?

Let me speculate, maybe because his entire boxing team is still intact, and he needs to finance their payroll? It's outright corruption if he funds the salaries of the entire boxing team from his senate funds. Mr. Duterte will not be happy. Well, sounds unfair for the Pacman if this is one of the reasons to fight again. I hope not. My unsolicited advice is that: he better streamlines his boxing team and terminates unnecessary services, and focuses on his team in the senate.