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This boxing website posts the latest happening in boxing: upcoming fights, results, match-ups, and many more about boxing. The Boxing Diary was founded in July 2011, as a blog of everything random with the name That is why you will find old posts about basketball and football. In 2012, this site narrowed its niche and focused on boxing and basketball. But in 2013, TBD determined to cover only the sport of boxing.

The boxing Diary is inclined to cover fights that involve pound-for-pound ranked boxers. But it strives to cover everything about two people punching in the head.

In July 2013, TBD supported Transnational Boxing Ranking Board. TBRB is a boxing rankings board composed of boxing writers, historians, and record keepers. TBRB's aim is to provide boxing with authoritative Top-Ten rankings. It identifies singular world champions in every division by strict reasoning, common sense and insists on the sport’s reform.

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