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Monday, January 28, 2013

Nonito Donaire BWAA Fighter of the Year

Photo via Goggle Images

The prestigious Boxing Writer Association of America (BWAA) announced on Sunday that World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior featherweight champion Nonito ‘The Filipino Flash’ Donaire as the recipient of its Sugar Ray Robinson’s “Fighter of the Year” award.

Donaire 31-1 (KO 20) name came out as the winner out of five nominees that includes Danny Garcia, Robert Guerrero, Juan Manuel Marquez and Brian Viloria.

Donaire was perhaps the busiest boxer last year. He fought four world title fights against top caliber opponents defeating Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., Jeffrey Mathebula (by a dominant decision), Toshiaki Nishioka and Jorge Arce (via knockout).

Earlier Donaire was already named by Yahoo Sports, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today as “2012 Fighter of the Year”.

Other BWAA Awards:
Manny Pacquiao - Juan Manuel Márquez 4 – Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier “Fight of the Year”.
Robert Garcia – Eddie Futch “Trainer of the Year”.
Max Kellerman – “Broadcaster of the Year”.
Bruce Trampler – Long and Meritorious Service Award.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Salido vs. Garcia: Mikey outclasses Salido, bound to elite level

Photo via Google Images

Miguel Angel ‘Mikey’ Garcia crosses the line from being a contender going into the next level, outclassing tough Mexican Orlando Salido for the WBO world featherweight showdown at the historic Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA.

The conclusion of the fight may not be an icing of the cake for the brilliant performance that Mikey showed to the boxing world but it will not erase the fact that the reigning champion, Orlando Salido was clearly dominated.  Salido was down twice early in the first round, once in the third, and again in the fourth round.

The fight ended in technical unanimous decision after Garcia’s nose was broken. His nose was accidentally (officially ruled) head butt in Round 8. The officials went to the scorecards after decided that Garcia cannot continue to fight. The judges scored unanimously in favor of Garcia. The scorecards read 79-70 and twice 79-69.

In round 1, Salido was down twice and keeps coming back. I can’t help but to recollect Pacquiao vs. Marquez I, just one knockdown short.  Salido was tested in this situation. He was down several times in his career but able to finished his opponents. I started to think the same early on. I can’t imagine how tough this guy really is. He went down but it seems he doesn’t felt the sting.

However, in the fourth knockdown, I saw desperation in salido's face. This means only two things for me. Either he will push hard more to lure Garcia for a broke or adjust and fight on cautiously. Salido chose the first option because this is how he is. After that final knockdown, Salido really pressed on. But Garcia’s accurate counter-punching and power is Salido’s main problem. Mikey clinically figured out every attack that Salido initiated.

Boxing fans might think what if the fight did not end this way? Some analyst believed that it may be a different story.  Salido finished every fight that he won, 'strong'. There are four more rounds before the fight ended.  It is just a matter of time that Salido’s right hand over the top will find its target.

Nevertheless, what I believe is that at the end of the day is to go back to a very old clichés in boxing that says “style makes fights”.  The style of Salido will always have difficulties against counter-punchers. Salido was picked apart round by round by the brilliant counter-puncher the sport has to offer in Juan Manuel Marquez.  Throw again another Juan Manuel Lopez in front of Salido and you will see a much competitive fight.

However, even if you are a counter-puncher doesn’t mean you’ll get an instant win to a man like Salido. Mikey at 25 years old just showed how mentally tough he is to stick to his game plan by being very calm and patient inside the ring. A counter-puncher lured into a brawl is a big joke.

What I like Mikey’s package as a counter-puncher is his power behind his punches. A strong brawler will always hesitate to attack.

Garcia’s dominating performance without a doubt will unseat more champions in the featherweight division. He is really in the prime age—not too young, not too old as a champion.
What would be Mikey’s next move?

I like to see Garcia up against a powerful boxer-counter-puncher.  A Nonito Donaire maybe mouthwatering to watch? Yes, why not? Although they are in the same trainer and Nonito already expressed that as much as possible they will not fight. But who knows, they are under one roof—Bob Arums house.

Possibility is always there. Nonito had earlier expressed his plans of moving up in weight. A clash at featherweight is not a bad idea. Another fight that will be great also is against Juan Manuel Lopez in the future once he reestablishes again himself.
Orlando Salido

In the case of Salido, I like to watch him fight next against boxer-punchers. A fight with Juan Ponce De Leon would be great. I doubt if there will be a rematch with Garcia. There will be no demand for this.

HBO’s Triple-Header

Overall we are treated with a good quality fight-card this weekend. HBO’s triple-header lives up to the expectation except for one that many boxing scribes criticized about the decision. Martinez according to some analysts is lucky to retain his title. While Golovkin-Rosado is as one sided as Salido-Garcia but Rosado fought gallantly denying Golovkin his desire to knock him out. We hope to watch again fight card like this in the near future.

Salido vs. Garcia Results: Golovkin TKO Rosado in Round 7

Gennady Golovkin retains his middleweight title peppering a very game challenger Gabriel Rosado moments ago in the historic Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA.

It is very obvious that Rosado had a very huge respect of Golovkin's power. He tries to move around and uses his feet more to evade damaging punches from the defending champion.

Rosado evaded some punches, but it is just a matter of time that some also will land as Golovkin stalked him, cutting the ring smartly, moving always parallel at him.

In the second round Golovkin busted Rosado's nose. Rosado is a bloddy mess and Golovkin keep jabbing a lot more that turned his right white gloves into red.

In round 5 Rosado tried to turn the heat and fight back landing his best shots of the night. But that was short lived as the heavy-puncher champion countered.

Rosado was total bloody mess in round 6,blood profusely dripping from his nose that scattered around his entire face.

In round 7 the corner of Rosado saw enough in the ring and throws in towel pulling out their fighter out of the fight. At exactly 2:56 the fight was stopped. It is just right in time--Rosado is not fighting back and just trying to survive.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Salido vs. Garcia Results: Ramirez-Burgos ends up into a draw

Roman Ramirez retains his super featherweight belt after the judges scored it a three way draw. The score where as follows 117-111 Burgos, 116-112 Ramirez and 114-114. It seems that Burgos was not convinced of the decision and wanted to claim the win of the fight.

In most of the round, however it is Ramirez who bring the fight to Burgos. Which I believe in a championship bout--at least the challenger should be more aggressive.

Burgos was moving around too much although countering a lot.

Ramirez who tries to stalk and move forward trying to engage from the inside did enough I think to win at least a split decision on his favor.

Ramirez vs. Burgos is the first bout for HBO's triple-header of the night.

Salido vs. Garcia Results: Monaghan wins over Cantrell, UD 8

In a very competitive bout Sean Monaghan win via unanimous decision against Roger Cantrell in Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA.

Both fighter really get it on and is a bloody mess after the bout. After eight rounds of back and forth beating Monaghan got the judges nod 77-75, 78-74 and 79-73 for the unanimous decision.

Monaghan vs. Cantrell is an appetizer of HBO's triple header showcasing WBO featherweight champion Orlando Salido defending his WBO belt against contender Mikey Garcia.

Salido vs. Garcia Results: Verdejo stops Archambault in Round 1

Image via Top Rank

Felix Verdejo stops Tomi Archambault in Round 1, moments ago, in Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA.

Right after the bell, the olympian Felix Verdejo 2-0-0 (KO 1) thrown double left hook that landed right on the button that sent Tomi Archambault crashing down the floor.

Archambault 1-4-0 (KO 1) was able to got up but the referee saw it all and wave it in less than a minute from the very first round.

Verdejo vs. Archambault is an appetizer of HBO's triple header showcasing WBO featherweight champion Orlando Salido defending his WBO belt against contender Mikey Garcia.

Salido vs Garcia: HBO Triple-header Weigh-In Results

Photo is credited to the rightful owner

Tough Mexican veteran and reigning WBO featherweight champion Orlando Salido make the division limit weighing in at 126 pounds while the young souring star Mikey Garcia tip the scale almost half a pound under at 125.6 during the weigh-in.

Orlando Salido will defend his title at the historic Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA against Mikey Garcia. Everything is ready and set for the well anticipated fight this January. This bout is live on HBO.

Tonight all question will get answers. Will Salido continue rampaging the careers of young potential superstars that started from Juan Manuel Lopez? Is it the start of the beginning for Mikey Garcia to take on more bigger names in the sport? Will he ever take his first ever world title?

More results on HBO's triple-header weigh-in:

Gennady Golovkin - 160 lbs. vs. Gabriel Rosado - 159 lbs. 12 Rounds for Golovkin's middleweight belt.
Roman Martinez - 129.5 lbs. vs. Juan Carlos Burgos - 129 lbs. 12 Rounds for Martinez super featherweight belt.

Stay tuned for fight results.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Former boxing world champion David Haye is in Kuwait

Photo via Instagram

Former Heavyweight and Cruiser weight champion David Haye is in Kuwait to attend a wedding ceremony of a Kuwaiti friend.

I am a follower of David Haye in twitter. In one of his tweet, it seems that he arrived Kuwait midnight of January 18, 2013 and was greeted with some Kuwaiti fans in Kuwait International Airport.

It seems to me that David Haye is staying at the Marina Hotel. So boxing fans in Kuwait might be able to have a glimpse of the champ in person around Marina Mall.   

David Haye 26-2-0 (KO 24) of Bermondsey, London last fought Dereck Chisora for the WBO and IBO international titles and won via knockout in round 5.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Donaire to fight Rigo on April 27

It seems that Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire will not be given his wish to fight Abner first but instead it would be against Guillermo Rigondeaux which he wanted to fight only after Abner Mares.

In a post written by Ronnie Natanielsz of Boxing Arum mention for an April fight.

In a post fight interview with Larry Merchant right after Donaires big win against Jorge Arce he said that he is interested with fighting abner Mares first and then Guillermo Ridondeaux. Since Mares is under GBP the fight he wanted is second to impossible. As expected he will be fighting Rigo.

Guillermo Rigondeaux at 11-0-0 (KO 8) record lacks the experience. But this kid has superb talent that made him so popular that fans as early 2011 talking already about this match-up.

In earlier interviews, Donaire dismissed the idea of fighting Rigo. He reasoned out that Rigo really needs to fight more quality opponents to prove himself worthy as an opponent.

I think Donaire has a point. If you see Rigo has only a total of 11 fights. 11 is 11, even if how good he is. A fight with Donaire is no doubt the greatest challenge to his young career. A loss would only mean how overrated he is.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Orlando Salido vs. Mikey Garcia: Fight Prediction and Analysis

Photo is credited to Chris Farina of Top Rank
Mexican featherweight champion Orlando Salido will defend his WBO title against undefeated prospect Miguel Angel Garcia on January 19, 2013 at the historic Madison Square Garden, New York, USA.

As usual let may lay down my prediction/analysis for this fight. I will also gather the predictions of leading boxing sites and writers around the web and I will post it here later on as an update.

Orlando Salido 39-11-2 (KO 27) at 32 years old is a veteran fighter. He started boxing at the age of 16 in 1996; for 17 years he has a total of 53 fights in his resume.

However, the native from Sonora, Mexico was not able to get the recognition that he is having right now until he fought Puerto Rican star Juan Manuel Lopez.

Before that fight happened, he was already pitted with Juan Manuel Marquez and Yuriorkis Gamboa which obviously above his league at least during those fights.  Against these calibers of opponents Salido failed.

Nevertheless, on April 16, 2011 the late bloomer Orlando Salido pull off an upset that recognized him as a force to reckon at featherweight division, knocking out former undefeated star Juan Manuel Lopez. Not only that, Salido spoiled a budding super showdown between Lopez and Gamboa.

In the process, Top Rank didn’t gave up that suppose super-fight giving Juan Manuel Lopez a rematch in his native Puerto Rico hoping Juanma to win. But Salido, who went down once with the crowd obviously against him, denied Juanma once again--knocking Lopez in round 10 in front of his countrymen.

Salido solidify his claim in the division and will defend his title against a younger lion in Mikey Garcia.

Mikey Garcia 30-0-0 (KO 26) at 25 years old, started professional boxing in 2006 is a young prospect. Names in his resume might not be as impressive but this kid moves like a veteran. Salido is no-mediocre fighter.

Garcia is a methodical fighter. He is smart and very patient inside the ring. Garcia understand that Salido will be the toughest test of his career. But he also believed that he has the skills and strength to beat Orlando Salido.


I have Garcia by unanimous decision (UD 12)

Boxing is a sport for the strong, that the weak will not survive. It is for the young--not for the old. I'm not saying, Salido is old nor weak, especially with his performance against Junama--no way he will become old comes January 19.

However, if Garcia will survive the early onslaught of Salido, which I believe--he will, would cruise to victory at the end of the final bell. The only thing he should avoid--never go for a broke.

Salido's advantage here mainly is his vast experience and toughness to apply pressure which is successful against Lopez who wanted toe-to-toe action. But Garcia is more on a counter-puncher who constantly look for opening and not necessarily gamble just to land a shot.

Garcia will patiently wait for opening in the early going. Pick his shots and start working halfway of the fight and win unanimously. Salido is having problem with real counter-puncher--like Marquez. He was picked piece by piece. I feel the same for this fight.

Here are the predictions around the web;

Aaron Lloyd - Garcia by Decision: 116-112
Brian Mazique - Garcia by Unanimous Decision
Rich Thomas - Garcia by Unanimous Decision
Tim Starks - Salido by Decision
Scott Christ - - Salido by Decision 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ted Kid Lewis vs. Jack Britton: Longest boxing series

Photo via

In modern boxing, a boxing rivalry that spanned more than three fights (trilogy) is considered very long. Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 to some, is a very long series. But don't you know that the longest boxing series is between United Kingdom's Ted Kid Lewis and American Jack Britton?

Lewis and Britton fought a mind-blowing 20-times in a span of six years, from 1915 to 1921. Would you believe that they even fought three times in one month? Yes three times in one month. In June 1917, Lewis and Britton fought three times--weekly basis.

The unbelievable duo fought on 6th, 14th, and 25th all in the month of June 1917. I even think, is it a sparring session? I could not imagine if these two have the time to heal and recover from injuries or cuts acquired during the fight. The gap between fights is too short for their bodies to recuperate.

The first match happened in March 1915 and they fought again in August and September--a total of three fights in 1915 only. The following year (1916) they fought a stunning five times and again another unimaginable five times in 1917.

The rivalry started in 1915 ended in 1921. In the 20-fight series, Jack Britton won--9-7-4 (KO 1).

If you know a boxing series that is more than 20 feel free to leave your comment.


My 2013 boxing match wish-list

Year 2012 was memorable for the boxing fans in general. Although there were sad happenings too, like the demise of boxing legends--Bert Sugar and Emanuel Steward.

It is the great fights with unexpected results gave boxing a truly remarkable year. I hope for the same this year.

I would like to share my boxing fights wish-list for 2013. But before that, I will let myself clear that I am not day dreaming here--wishing for match-up that is impossible to happen. Even if it is a wish I prefer to be realistic.

Re-matches. I love rematches. An entertaining, action packed and or technically excellent fights are worthy to watch again and again. A rematch should happen. Why not?

Rios vs. Alvarado II – I love this fight to happen once more.

The first match was a high octane back and forth bomb shelling from start to finish till Alvarado dropped. Alvarado is winning in the scorecards because he tends to move around and mixing it up compared to Rios’s no-reverse gear style. It is expected that this fight will never reach the final bell—we are not wrong.
A rematch would be exciting to watch as to how Alvarado will adjust his game plan. Similarly how Rios will adjust if Alvarado will adapt technique and not just pure aggression in his fight plan. If Alvarado can even the score—I love to see a trilogy.

Marquez vs. Pacquiao 5 – Don't ever ask me why I wanted a fifth fight. If you do. Watch Pacquiao vs. Marquez I to IV and decide for yourself why.

Donaire vs. Mares - I dont want this fight. It will not happen in reality. Two mute having different nationality will find ways and means to understand each other. But Top Rank and GBP will never get into terms.

This January is a bit relax. No big matchup on schedule. I will only cover one fight--Salido vs. Garcia. I will gather predictions from various boxing sites and post here.