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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Philback 8th Season: Opening Ceremony, March 30, 2012

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Reggae, Kuwait – Philippine Basketball Club in Kuwait (Philback)will hold the 8th Season Opening Ceremony on Friday at the Khalijiya Arabic School in Reggae. The ceremony according to the facebook fan page of the club will start at 9:00am. This is right after the playoff game between JC Net and Burger King of the 5’8’ division that will start at 7:30am.

The playoff game between JC Net and Burger King is part of the 7th season. Both teams are on top of their respective brackets and are expected to show fast-pace action from start to finish. The schedule clashes with the opening due to the large number of participants in this division.

The opening ceremony will feature all the participating team in all division that comprise the tournament – Inter-company, Inter-medical, open and 5’8. It is exciting to watch all the teams in their new uniforms along with their beautiful and gorgeous muses. It is expected fans will come out to support the event.

Few games will be played during the opening – featuring teams in every division posted in Philback’s facebook fan page. This schedule according to Philback is subject to change.

It is very exciting also to watch and find out new teams and new team line-ups of current teams. I’m sure Coaches will be busy scouting other teams in their respective divisions. I find it more intriguing to all champions in the last season to scout players.

Last season’s champions were ITHC Slashed- Open Division, United COE-Intercompany and PANIK-Intermedical.  Will these teams defend their crown this season?

So basketball enthusiasts – young and old lets have some fun and enjoy watching exciting games. See you there.

In my next post I will upload some pictures that I will take in this event. But these photos will not be taken via SLR or something high-end camera. Only through my mobile phone :) 

For more information visit Philback’s facebook fan page.

Update: During the opening as I have mention above I have taken few photos. Click here to view.The management of Philback also announce that there will be no games on Friday, 6th April 2012 in observation of Good Friday. The schedule for games on the following Friday, 13th April 2012 already posted in Philback's facebook fan page.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Erik Morales vs. Danny Garcia: Morales one sided defeat to Garcia, may consider retirement after a Marquez fight?

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Erik Morales lost to a unanimous decision against Danny Garcia in Reliant Arena, Houston, Texas, United States though Morales already lost to the scales, he came out fighting for the win not for the title.

Even before Erik Moralesfight Manny Pacquiao in 2005 I am already a fan of him. Who will forget, if you happen to watch his brutal fight against compatriot Marco Antonio Barrera in 2000 for WBC and WBO Super bantamweight unification. Morales engage Barrera from start to finish in 12 exciting rounds. Morales won a split decision.

Again in 2002, they met for another 12 bruising round but unanimously lost to Barrera. In 2004 the third installment was set and Barrera won via majority decision for featherweight supremacy.

After his lost to a trilogy with Barrera, instead of picking lesser opponents to at least assure a comeback win. Morales would choose to take on Manny Pacquiao who is fresh from a win against his conqueror – Marco Antonio Barrera.

Morales win against Pacquiao in a bloody 12-round-war and handle the Filipino rising star his only defeat from that year till now.

Overall, Morales lost his trilogy against Pacquaio and Barrera. But a boxing fan, hardcore or not, would love how Morales handle six equally exciting, bloody and bruising fight.

Back to his defeat recently, against Garcia, I think the road is now coming to an end for Morales. I think, and in my honest opinion he needs to call it quits.  But oopss… not-so-fast, this writer want one more request from Morales.

The Missing Equation.

I wanted Erik “El Terrible” Morales to please fight compatriot Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez before retiring and hanging those boxing gloves for good. If that fight materializes Morales for me – Is the fighter that fights the best-of-the-best in his era and his division.

Imagine if that fight happens – meaning he had fought Manny Pacquiao, Marco Antonio Barrera and Juan Manuel Marquez. The idea is that each man fought against each other and from that history will tell who among the four greatest boxers in this era would be. 

This is the lost equation if this fight will not happen. Boxing fans would you agree with me?

How I love, if the match-up would be.

Morales vs. Barrera vs. Pacquaio and vs. Marquez – incomplete.

Barrera vs. Morales vs. Pacquiao and vs. Marquez – completed.

Pacquiao vs. Morales vs. Barrera and vs. Marquez – completed.

Marquez vs. Pacquiao vs. Barrera and vs. Morales – incomplete.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

“20 Reasons why I dislike the Philippines” video, goes viral

Jimmy Sieczka talks about 20 reasons why he dislike Philippines: Photo via

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A video on “20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines” goes viral according to Cebu Live – a fellow blogger web-blog that is based in Cebu. The video was shot in Cebu City by foreigner who lives in the Philippines for three and a half year.

The title of the video itself catches my attention and without reading the entire article I jump into the video and watch the whole content.

Being a Filipino it hurts me a lot to hear such a comment from a foreigner in my country. But in the end I realize that what he present are true.

Though some of it is really part of being a Filipino – then what we can do? (Like cockfighting that is why we have a lot of fighting cocks crowing all over of everyone’s backyard in the entire archipelago.) This custom is dated back during the Spanish colonization in the 15thcentury.

The man, that calls himself Jimmy, told in the video that “I’ve seen and experience the fu@@ing bullshit this country (the Philippines) has to offer”. The points he mention includes manholes, cialis sellers, unsanitary markets, unsafe construction/ unfinished buildings and many more.

Click and watch the video below and try to leave a comment as to how you feel about it.

The things he dislikes are elaborated more in a site My Life in Cebu.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kuwait expatriates wage increase likely in 2012?

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Just to make both ends meet, Filipino expats in Kuwait continue to endure their respective jobs although some were unhappy with the salary they get. Everyone is hopeful for year 2012 to at least receive even meager salary increments from their employer.

According to Kuwait Times, Kuwait is likely to adopt general salary increases ranging between 20 and 40 percent of base salary for public sector employee”.

But then, there is no certainty if the expatriates working in the private and even in the public sector could also get the said salary increases. Sources from Kuwait Times also added that, “the increase would cover all Kuwaitis working in the public and private sectors, as well as retired citizens and those covered by social insurance.”

If this is the case then, our hope for such blessings this year is unclear. But I will not end my story here. I continue browsing the web hoping to find out positive news for us.

A source from AlWatan Daily disclosed that “expatriates working in the public sector will receive a raise worth 50 Kuwaiti dinars in which will be paid starting April. The cost of such raise is estimated to be KD 700 million wherein 600,000 employees will benefit from it, including 30,000 citizens who receive social aids, 130,000 retired employees, 230,000 civil servants and the others who work for the private sector”.

It is very obvious that the reported raises are initiated particularly for the Citizens and expatriates working in the public sector and the private sector as the less priority. In my opinion also, private companies might not able to comply. It will depend upon the financial stability of the company.

Still our sole hope is upon the mercy of our employer including me who work in the private sector.

Meanwhile, speaking of wages hike/raises, Q8NRI.composted in 11th January 2012 that Kuwait including Bahrain may have the lowest pay hike among the GCC countries in 2012. What a sad note. While it is Qatar has the highest pay, employees in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman are likely to see the best pay hikes among Gulf nations this year, according to an expert in the recruitment industry.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido II: The Mexican champion TKO “JuanMa” in Rd. 10

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The brave featherweight champion, Orlando Salido once again invades Puerto Rico knocking out again the Puerto Rican hero – Juan Manuel Lopez inside round 10.

The former Puerto Rican champion Juan Manuel Lopez (31-1, 28 KOs) seeks to exact revenge from his earlier loss and to probe that he is correct for the excuses he made right after the first fight. JuanMa was in a “must win” situation because this time for sure he knows that there is no room for excuses. 

Before the fight it was perceived that Lopez has the perfect game plan against Salido. 

The fight

In the opening round both men try to figure out each other – sensing as to what adjustment the other will bring. 

In the second round, a more aggressive Orlando Salido (38-11-2) put on the same pressure in the previous match, pummeled Lopez till the third round.

In the fourth, Lopez controlled the action with his superb boxing skills – a clear round for him. But in the fifth, Salido hurt him and try to finish him off. Eager for the kill, Salido left himself open and was knockdown by Lopez with a short right hook as the round ended – he was saved by the bell.

Salido get back in the sixth and seventh round landing power shots thus controlling the fight. But the former champion knows that he can hurt Salido, ignored his first-hand plan and engaged Salido into toe-to-toe action in round nine.

However, in the battle of will, the Mexican warrior continue to surge forward. The end comes when Salido connects a big overhand right that wobbles Lopez and followed by left and right uppercut plus a bonus left hand floored Lopez down. Referee sensing JuanMa’s inability to continue stops the fight – a TKO victory once again for the Mexican.

Post Fight Assessment

Salidos eagerness to put down Lopez in the fifth round caused him to get knocked down instead. But with endurance and great will to win he managed to get back and luckily saved by the bell. But this is the way how to fight Lopez – more pressure and fighting form the inside, which was successful during the first fight.

The same strategy enticed Lopez to abandon his initial fight plan – to outbox Salido. But he deviates from the plan upon knowing that he can hurt Salido. The mistake of Lopez is that he neglects Salido’s ability to absorb more punches than he can and fight Salido’s fight.

If the former champion follow the game plan by heart he could have pull a decent UD? hmmm.. not sure about it. Truly, Joe Louis famous line that says, "Everyone has a plan until they've been hit.”

Lopez needs to recuperate and rejuvenate his career and fight two three matches at least lesser opponents.

Salido with the win solidify his claim in the featherweight division and is up to bigger names.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Brandon Rios: Why Gamboa’s “no-show” is valid?

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Yuriorkis Gamboa (21-0, 16 knockouts) didn’t show up during the press conference in Miami, Florida to officially announce his April 14thbout against Brandon Rios. Gamboa’s no-show causes a lot of speculations and rumors pop-up as to why he didn’t show-up. 

One of them is that he might sign-up for Floyd Mayweather Jr’s promotion outfit – because he was later spotted at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, Gamboa cleared the issue through Ring interview, translated by his wife, Maria Cabrera.

"Whenever everything is clear with my contract, that's when the fight will happen, but right now I'm not under the terms that I want the fight to happen," Gamboa added. "I don't have a problem with HBO, and I hope that HBO doesn't have a problem with me either because everything that's happening with me, I didn't choose to be in the position I'm in right now.”

With the above being said, it seems that Gamboa was put into a situation that forces him to a point-of no-return. The press conference was set up without a clear contract. Suppose Gamboa showed up in the press conference and then later on offered a contract that he feel unfair for him. Then, what will happen next? 

It is better that Gamboa decided not to show up at this stage than backing up near the date of the fight regarding contract issue.

At this point we can understand, but not when he choose not to fight when everything is set and done that could really upset the fans – especially those who already bought for a ticket or subscribed pay per views.

"But this is the time to do this, because if I don't stand up for myself, nobody else is going to do it. I never thought that things would wind up this way, but there was never a contract and there was never a signature from Gamboa agreeing to fight with Brandon Rios on April 14."

I agree of what he mentioned above – If this is not the time, when?

Some might ask why Gamboa didn't speak out long before the press conference was set up. If I am to answer this question in behalf of Gamboa. My answer is why not now? because it creates real stir to the boxing world and it help promoting the fight.

If this fight will finally happen – expect more money it generates than the usual way.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Jeremey Lin: New York Knicks Linsanity, What inspiration it brings?

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New York Knicks rebounded from a loss against Miami Heat last Thursday, 23 February 2012. NYK win against Le Bron James previous team, Cavaliers 120 -103 in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday.

NYK is now 10-3 since Linsanity began on 04, Feb. 2012. 

The win against Cavaliers is the product of inspiration caused by no other than Jeremy Lin. The bench of NYK contributed a lot of points for this game. This includes Novak’s 17, Iman Shumperts 12 and Baron Davis having 12.

 According to NBAstatistics the bench of NYK scored a total of 50 points. Strange for a team who has a major weakness with regards to their bench contribution and scoring early in the season.

This only started when Jeremy Lin was given a chance to play more minutes as advice by Carmelo Anthony to his coach Mike D’ Antoni. Jeremy didn’t disappoint the team and the opportunity, capitalizing every minute he played and from there Linsanity began.

 The amount of inspiration that Lin showed to NYK bench and to the team in general is tremendous. Every player coming off the bench steps up their game and poured in necessary points for the teams’ victory.

The inspiration from Lin is viral as he really showed unselfish game dishing double digit in assists prompted each player either starter or second group to run without the ball in the hard court because they know that a pass will certainly come if they are in the right position to score. 

"I got the ball in some good spots and they found me and I knocked them down....To hear your name chanted at Madison Square Garden, there's nothing like it. It's unbelievable." Novak in his on-court interview.

What’s good about Lin is that he doesn’t only capitalize the opportunity given to him, but he ignites the whole team. 

Talent win games but team-work win championships.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. vs Miguel Angel Cotto: What are Cotto's chances against the defensive wizard, in Mayweather?

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With all due respect of Miguel Cotto’s skill and experience as a fighter so with his heart as a warrior, I can honestly say that he had a very slim chance against the best counter puncher if not the best boxer in this era. 

I may sound harsh to Miguel Cotto’s fans but then, I call it as I see and feel it. I am not a big fan of Mayweather but I bow to his skill and defensive prowess that 42 opponents never penetrate (except Castillo in their first fight) and so with, Cotto’s lion heart as a fighter. 

Why I boldly state that he has a slim chance?

Height and reach

Cotto, although the naturally bigger fighter that debut at 135 while Mayweather at 130. Mayweather has the height and reach advantage. The advantages he possessed maximize his defensive style – fighting the distance.  Height and reach advantages are essential to Floyd style so as to evade incoming punches and to keep the surging opponent a distance for an effective counter punching.

Age and fighting weight

Mayweather  at 35 years old was never been scratch – pretty boy, was never been in pierce battle or even bloodied that much in any of his fights. Cotto on the other hand at 31 was brutalized by both Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito – assume to have loaded gloves, may subject to a wear and tear.

Miguel Cotto was never been the same fighter after the above fights, though resurrect his career by three consecutive winning streak – avenge his loss also to Antonio Margarito.

Fighting only for the second time in the light middleweight, Mayweather having no problem against a bigger and taller Oscar Dela Hoya. Cotto is more comfortable at 154 fighting for the fourth time might have the edge.

Skill by skill

In this department Mayweather highly dominate Cotto which is self explanatory if you are fan of the sport, but if not have some time to watch the videos below.

Cotto and Mayweather scheduled to enter the squared circle come May 05, 2012 in MGM Grand, Las Veagas Nevada. 

Oscar Dela Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Juan Manuel Marquez

Miguel Cotto vs Joshua Clottey

Foreman vs Miguel Cotto