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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mikey Garcia decisions Juan Carlos Burgos

[caption id="attachment_1418" align="aligncenter" width="575"]Mikey Garcia decisions Juan Carlos Burgos Photo: Chris Farina/Top Rank[/caption]

New York -- Young rising star Mikey Garcia, 34-0 (KO 28), won the fight with ease against a more agile opponent in Juan Carlos Burgos 30-2-2 (KO 20), on Saturday night on HBO main event at the Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, New York, USA.

Yes it was an easy victory.

But fans and ringside observer were unimpressed. Unimpressed because they expect more from Garcia, who is positioned to be the "next big star" in boxing. There were talks that he could be a future opponent for the Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao. But I don't know if he had that "next big star" quality in his performance last night. Well, "skill set" win fights but "star quality" let fans buy tickets.

Garcia was in full control of the fight except that second round -- Burgos landed a counter shot that buckled Garcia. In the third round Garcia stepped up a little bit and tagged Burgos with a hard shot that wobbled his opponent.  I think those were the only notable action in the ring. And the rest of the rounds were all for Garcia and won by the scores of 118-110, 118-110, and 119-109.

On the other hand, Burgos was satisfied to stay outside Garcia's range. After he tasted the power of Garcia in the third, he seems happy staying in harms way. He utilized his reach and height advantage to help his mode to survive.

With Burgos on the survival mode, it is Garcia's call to do something and create a star quality move utilizing his skill set. But Garcia failed in that category -- he's too cautious and not willing to take a risk.

He don't want to take more risk... maybe it has something to do with his chin?

Martinez drop him in the second of their fight. Burgos wobbled him also in the second round of this fight. It made Nigel Collins worry.


Pacquiao-Bradley 2 Set for April 12

[caption id="attachment_1411" align="aligncenter" width="575"]Pacquiao-Bradley 2 Set for April 12 Photo Chris Farina/Top Rank[/caption]

NEW YORK (January 25, 2014) – Bob Arum and Todd duBoef, CEO and President of Top Rank, respectively, and Michael Koncz of MP Promotions are pleased to announce that an agreement was reached today for undefeated two-division world champion TIMOTHY “Desert Storm” BRADLEY to defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title against Fighter of the Decade Congressman MANNY “Pacman” PACQUIAO. Promoted by Top Rank®, in association with MP Promotions and Tecate, Pacquiao-Bradley 2 will take place, Saturday, April 12, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. It will be produced and distributed live by HBO PAY-PER-VIEW.

Both fighters and their teams will embark on a U.S. media tour the week of February 3, including press conferences in Los Angeles and New York on Tuesday, February 4 and Thursday, February 6, respectively. Ticket information and other details on the promotion and the media tour will be released shortly.

When Pacquiao and Bradley rumbled the first time, on June 9, 2012 at the MGM Grand, Bradley's hand was raised via a controversial split decision, ending Pacquiao's welterweight title reign as well as his seven-year, 15-bout winning streak. Though both fighters claimed victory neither was satisfied. Destiny may have played a hand in their first battle but it will be survival of the fittest that determines the winner of this exciting rematch.

Pacquiao (55-5-2, 38 KOs), the lone congressional representative from the Sarangani province in the Philippines (he was reelected to a second term, running unopposed last year), is the only fighter to win eight world titles in as many different weight divisions. A three-time Fighter of the Year and the Boxing Writers Association of America's "Fighter of the Decade," Pacquiao's resumé features victories over future Hall of Famers, including Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley and Juan Manuel Márquez. From 2008 to 2010, five of his seven victories were world title victories in five different weight classes, from 130 to 154 pounds. No active boxer has sold more live tickets in the U.S. than Pacquiao, who is also credited with over eight million pay-per-view buys. He returns to the ring after a scintillating beatdown of former world champion Brandon Rios.

Bradley (31-0, 12 KOs), from Palm Springs, Calif., a two-division world champion who unified the junior welterweight titles twice during his previous four-year reign, returns to the ring after three consecutive career-best victories. After moving up in weight and beating Pacquiao in 2012, Bradley co-starred in the 2013 Fight of the Year last March, winning a brutal 12-round decision over Ruslan Provodnikov though Bradley was suffering from a concussion throughout most of the fight. In his most recent fight, in October, Bradley gave a virtuoso performance in defeating three-division world champion and Mexican icon Juan Manuel Márquez proving that Bradley is indeed one of boxing's elite pound for pound fighters.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thomas Williams Jr. beats Cornelius White

Thomas Williams Jr. beats Cornelius White

Friday Night Fights main event for January 24 installment, still unbeaten prospect Thomas Williams Jr. 16-0 (KO 11), defeated the savvy veteran Cornelius White 21-3 (KO 16), in 169 seconds of all-out war inside the very first round. This is a fight wherein you can't question the fighter's aggressiveness, power, and eagerness to put on a spectacular show. They don't need any single round to feel each other. In the get-go... bombs were away. And both men floored each other before Williams scored his second knockdown, and then went for the home-run.

Williams first scored a knockdown courtesy of his left hand.

White partly blocked that left hand from William's southpaw stance, but the power sent him down. Not badly hurt, White rose to his feet, beat the count, and shook it off.

The fighters met in the center of the ring.

Williams gained more confident from the knockdown he just scored. He continued to press forward and unloaded power punches, but got careless. White landed a big shot that put down Williams. Williams was quick to his feet and looked at the referee seriously while he listened to the mandatory count.

The fighters met again in the center of the ring.

White pressed forward, but also got careless; didn't see the left hand coming. His legs were shaking from that left hand and Williams followed through and dropped White again. This time, White was badly hurt. Able to get back to his feet, but with his legs were too shaky; White was hanging on to his dear life.

Williams, sensing early victory didn't hesitate to go for the kill. The referee hopped in to stop the fight.

The official time: 2:29 in the first round.

What a war!

Rico Ramos routs Jonathan Arrellano

Rico Ramos routs Jonathan Arellano

Friday Night Fights televised co-feature ten-round featherweight action between fellow California residents Rico Ramos and Jonathan Arrellano at the Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton, Washington, USA. Ramos scored knockdowns twice in the fourth round and once in the fifth; getting the nod of the judges' scorecards to the tune of 98-89, 98-89 and 98-88.

In the first round, Ramos, now improved his record to 23-3 (KO 12), tried to move around looking for more angles before lunging in towards Arrellano, that at times resulting to several clinches. Arrellano landed several uppercuts that were absorbed very well by Ramos. No problem. In the second round, bombs were away... as Ramos was able to pinned Arrellano towards the corner and unleashed power punches that landed few. But Arrellano connected a short uppercut that momentarily stunned Ramos. It was a good round as both fighters stepped up the action.

The third round was more of back-and-forth action as both fighters fired shots without giving any serious damage at each other.

The power difference showed up in the fourth round when Ramos's signature left hook found its home on Arrellano's cheek that sent him crushing to the floor. Butt first. Although Arrellano was up on his feet immediately and walks around; it's obvious that he really felt the power. His nose now bleeding.

Ramos stood and stayed where he was after scoring the knockdown. Seemed surprised what he just did to Arrellano. Not only that, Ramos did it once more: another left hook, another knockdown he scored -- few seconds before the end of the round. Impressive round for Ramos.

In the fifth round, again,  Arrellano was drop with the same left hook. I don't know why he didn't learn from the first two mistakes. He should have pasted his right hand toward his left chin. But Arrellano also scored his own left hook that shook Ramos legs.

However, Arrellano wasn't able to capitalize the situation as the bell rang to end the round.

In the seventh, Arellano now dropped to 14-3 (KO 3), has had his moments as he pinned Ramos to the corner; landing left and right power shots. But Ramos was able to absorb those shots and depended some.

The remaining rounds were eventually controlled by a more confident Ramos; leading a wide margin in the scorecards. And Arrellano needed a knockout if he wants to turn this fight around in his favor.

But that never happened as Rico Ramos cruised to a unanimous victory.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mikey Garcia vs. Juan Carlos Burgos: Fight Preview and Prediction

Mikey Garcia vs. Juan Carlos Burgos: Fight Preview and Prediction
The first three weekends of January 2014 is somewhat slack in terms of high profile boxing. Except last week, wherein we're treated with the "Canadian Superbowl" in boxing. The fight between Luscian Bute and Jean Pascal. But sadly, the fight didn't transpired the way it was hyped. Bute was nowhere near the fighter he used to be. He seemed too nervous throughout the fight, except the final round.

Now I'm glad this week is loaded with several cards. Actually, this is my first preview of a fight for 2014. Here the fight cards you shouldn't miss before this month will be over:

January 24

  • Fox Sports USA Fight Night: Antonio Orozco vs. Miguel Angel Huerta

  • Latin American Light Heavyweight title: Roberto Bolonti vs. Jose Clavero

  • ESPN2 Friday Fight Night: Thomas Williams vs. Cornelius White

  • Resorts International, Atlantic City, NJ (NBC Sports): Curtis Stevens vs Patrick Majewski

  • Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, CA (FOX Sports 1): Cornelius Bundrage vs Joey Hernandez

  • Little Creek Casino, Shelton, WA (ESPN2): Rico Ramos vs Jonathan Arrellano

And on January 25, the fight between Mikey Garcia and Juan Carlos Burgos at The Theater, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY on HBO. This is actually the purpose of this post.  This is a fight between Transnational Boxing Ranking Board, Garcia 33-0-0 (KO 28) ranked number two and Burgos 30-1-2 (KO 20) ranked number three in the super featherweight division. A fight that could be a championship match for the vacant TBRB's 130 pound  division, if not because of the very "strict" championship policy of this emerging ranking body, that: the "first-ranked contender must fight the second-ranked contender to fill the vacancy".

Well, Mikey Garcia is among those names (Provodnikov, GGG, Santa Cruz, Kovalev and etc...) that continue to buzz since last year. And maybe, will hit big time this year. There were write-ups that showed concern over fast tracking the career of the 26 year old Mexican-American ring tactician. Top Rank boss Bob Arum talked about Mikey and Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquaio potential match-up. A bout which is possible because both fighter were on the same side of promotion/network alliance.

However, 147 pound division, where the Pacman currently resides along with the big names/big payday potential opponents for Mikey is still three division north from where he is at super featherweight.

Garcia is a very cool guy in the ring. He's very relax and compose. He's young but his patience in the ring can be compared to a veteran tactician. He said that as he gain "more experience" he also becomes "confident with his skills". Although, I could say that Garcia, early in his career, tend to play it safe too much. But what he said, is what I saw in his previous fights. He becomes a little bit more aggressive in his fight with Salido and Martinez. Although against Martinez, Garcia was down in the second round. He was caught by a perfect counter shot as he moved forward.

Garcia's style

Garcia used to let his opponent follow him while he throw counter shots while on his back foot. His snapping jabs serves as measuring stick for the distance between him and his opponent. And then once his opponent become so complacent in coming forward, as he tries to back pedal, Garcia will pop his opponent with a jab (and if it will connect) he will follow through a power shot with his right hand, while moving his lead foot forward. A move very well-timed and countered by Martinez that dropped Garcia.

On the opposite corner is Juan Carlos Burgos. Burgos, has been fighting several times at this division. Burgos also has the height advantage. An inch and half taller. He's certainly a busy fighter who works for the body very well. He's been in a back-to-back draws in his last two fights. He draws a common opponent, Martinez, and short noticed Amidu in July. Burgos could be very mentally prepared for this fight to keep his career on the winning track; fighting  and winning against Garcia is the way to do it.

My prediction: Garcia by knock out.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pacquiao picks Bradley for a rematch on April 12

Pacquiao picks Bradley for a rematch on April 12

Pacquiao has decided to face Timothy Bradley, according to Abac Cordero's "reliable source" via his article posted on,
The Filipino superstar, according to a reliable source, has decided to face Timothy Bradley in a rematch which Top Rank chief Bob Arum has set on April 12 in Las Vegas.

Few days ago Pacquiao challenged Mayweather in a fight for a charity in response to Mayweather's verbal jabs. Earlier. Mayweather labeled Pacquaio as "a desperate dog" who wanted to fight him because of his "68 million tax problems" from the IRS in the US, and BIR in the Philippines.

Pacquiao lost to Bradley in a controversial split decision on their first encounter in June 2012. And again Pacquiao lost to Marquez in his next fight. Marquez is among Pacquiao's option, but the Mexican star ruled out a fifth encounter with the Pacman.

I think, Pacquiao picks Bradley for a rematch because a win over the "Desert Storm" would somehow demerit his devastating loss to Marquez on December 2012. And if in September 2014 still there's no Floyd Mayweather fight -- Pacquiao may lure Marquez for a fifth fight.

Bradley won against Marquez last October for the WBO welterweight title once held by Pacquiao.

A Pacquiao win to both Bradley and Marquez in 2014 will bring more pressure to Mayweather for a super fight in 2015.

Mayweather stressed that his last fight would be on September 2015 -- the final fight of his 6-fight mega deal with Showtime/CBS contract.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Former boxer Vitali Klitschko attacked by protesters in one-man RAMPAGE to stop riots


The 42-year-old, now a political leader in Ukraine, moved in to stop the riots in the capital of Kiev, before being targeted himself. Activists, many wearing gas masks and hard hats, threw stun grenades, sticks and fireworks as the demonstration erupted. Read more on Daily

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pacquiao challenges Mayweather in a fight for charity

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Filipino boxing icon Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao challenged boxing's pound-for-pound kingpin Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fight him in the ring without receiving any price money and all the proceeds will be donated to charities around the world.

In an interview with Sports, Pacquiao dared Mayweather to put in their contract that they will not receive anything out of the fight.
I am ready to submit myself to any kind of stringent drug testing. Above all, I challenge him to include in our fight contract that both of us will not receive anything out of this fight. We will donate all the proceeds of the fight – guaranteed prize, should there be any, gate receipts, pay-per-view and endorsements – to charities around the world,” Pacquiao said."

This is the toughest challenge issued by Pacquiao against Mayweather. This has been Pacquiao's answer to Mayweather's verbal assaults. Earlier, Mayweather called Pacquiao "a desperate dog" and "got 68 million problems" in an interview with

I'm excited to hear what will be Mayweather's answer to this daring challenge by Pacquiao. If he thinks Pacquiao desperately needs money -- then the challenge would tell us who really needs money.

I hope Mayweather answers this challenge seriously. And not to resort in his childish reasoning, but still ducking the man, who is more than willing to take nothing for giving the fight we fans want to happen.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Pacquiao turns over P32M as initial payment to BIR

MANILA – Fighting Congressman Manny Pacquiao has reached out to Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Henares in a bid to settle his tax obligations.

The Filipino boxing superstar reportedly forked over P32 million to the BIR, part of the P2.2 billion the tax agency says he owes from his prize winnings and other sources of income. Read more on

World Boxing Council (WBC) President, Don Jose Soliman, passed away

World Boxing Council (WBC) President, Don Jose Soliman, passed away

Jose Soliman, the WBC "president for life" died at the age of 82 at a hospital in Los Angeles.

WBC released a statement on their website that reads:
Jose Sulaiman will be remembered as a man of integrity, honorability and pure heart. Inspired by his heroes, believed in unbreakable values and principles and lived a life to the fullest and he did it his way, as Frank Sinatra would sing on "My Way".

Always successful, a natural leader who would never give up, "there are no impossible tasks, some just take a bit longer". That was the spirit of Don Jose. His life dedicated to the service of others, inspired by his parents education and example, led to a life full of satisfactions, he took tremendous joy by helping others, specially the underprivileged and the discriminated.

Many call him the father of boxing; he certainly treated all fighters as his sons and daughters, he suffered from their problems and worked every single day of his life to try to make boxing better and safer. Regardless if the boxer was an amateur or if he was Mike Tyson or Chavez, he would treat them the same and would relentlessly try to help each one at all times.

Nelson Mandela inspired him to fight against discrimination, battled Apartheid and always struggled to prevent the abuse of power, which hurt the lesser gifted. He led many actions towards dignifying the sport of boxing, the female practice of boxing and the justice for trainers, managers, promoters and specially boxers.

Pope John Paul II inspired him to be a better human being every day and to be humble, to serve and love. Pope Francis brought faith back to him in these few months as God's representative on earth and the Virgin of Guadalupe remained by his side at all times while Jesus Christ was his greatest guide and inspiration.

Our dear father fought the last 12 rounds of his life, inspired by his hero Muhammad Ali, his corner formed by many doctors, nurses, care partners, therapist, lift team and staff at 7ICU at UCLA and with thousands cheering him from all over the world..."

The final bell rang; Jose Sulaiman, winner by unanimous decision!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chavez Jr. vs. Vera II: Holds Press Conference

Chavez Jr vs Vera II Press Conference

The rematch between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Brian Vera held a press conference in San Antonio Texas. Chavez won a controversial ten rounds unanimous decision on Sept. 2013. The rematch will let both fighters to prove once and for all who really won that night.

Although boxing fans went to the social media expressing their opinion that Vera had done enough to win the fight. But in the eyes of three boxing judges at ringside, it was Chavez who won.

Not only that, Chavez also have weight issues.

Vera was emphasizing about staying in shape in between fights.

Brian Vera:
"I don’t want to talk too much about what happened before. I just know that I’m preparing, getting ready. I stayed in shape even between fights. My girlfriend is a professional runner, so I really don’t have a choice but to stay in shape. But I’m ready, I’m prepared, I stayed ready. I’ve changed my life the last couple of years and it’s starting to show in the fights. So come March 1 its going to be a great fight and expect to see my hand get raised."

On the other end, Chavez was thankful with the rematch made possible by the people who handled the promotion. And talked about erasing doubts of his performance during the first fight.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr:
"I’m very happy that we’re going to have a rematch. There was a lot of controversy after the first fight. A lot of people thought Vera won and that’s why we’re doing the rematch to get any doubts out of the way…I think March 1 you’re going to see a lot of doubts erased about my performance. And thank you Texas because it’s my home too!"

Chavez Jr vs Vera II Press Conference

Chavez Jr vs Vera II Press Conference

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Former British, European, Commonwealth and World middleweight champion Darren Barker forced to retire

A potentially crippling hip injury has forced former middleweight World champion Darren Barker to call time on his career today after consultation with medical experts.

‘Dazzling’ Darren Barker, the popular Londoner topped the World in 2013 when he climbed off the canvas to rip the IBF belt from Australian Daniel Geale in Atlantic City. Read more on The Telegraph.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

[Video] "Manny", A Manny Pacquiao documentary teaser

A teaser for Manny Pacquiao documentary to be released on spring entitled "Manny", narrated by Hollywood actor Liam Neeson and directed by Academy Award winner Leon Gast and Ryan Moore.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good or Bad Move? Adrien Broner exercises rematch clause to face Marcos Maidana in April

[caption id="attachment_1316" align="aligncenter" width="717"]Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images[/caption]

It's likely that brash talking and former undefeated boxer Adrien "The Problem" Broner will face his tormentor, the hard hitting Argentinean Marcos "El Chino" Maidana for a rematch on April 19 or 26. According to Golden Boy Promotion CEO Richard Schaefer via, Broner decided to exercise rematch clause.

Broner 27-1-0 (KO 22) ignored a popular advice: not to continue fighting at welterweight and instead go back down to 140 pound division. And fight Danny Garcia or Lucas Matthysse.

The question is: is it really a bad move or a good move for Broner?

In a poll conducted by, the results were:
"40 percent (39.6) of more than 9,000 votes selected a move down to junior welterweight (the 140-pound division)…" and "21.4 percent of the votes selected a return bout against his conqueror". Also "13.7 percent think a drop all the way back down to lightweight is the safest move…"

Well, I think, going back down to 140 pound division is the best move for Broner. Fighting Marcos Maidana 35-3-0 (KO 31), again, at welterweight division will put his career in a "make or break" situation.

In the previous bout it's clear that Broner's body wasn't ready for 147 pound division. And only 144.4 pounds during that bouts' weigh in. So, there's no problem for "The Problem" to stay at 140.

It’s very obvious that he can't keep up with the blows from legit welters (most specifically, Maidana who hits hard). I believed Broner will be physically strong at junior welter and will be knocking out guys there. Like what he did at 135.

Remember that Broner was fighting at lightweight 11 months ago, against Gavin Rees on Feb. 2013.

Nevertheless, bad or good move, Broner already made a decision. He took the big risk in the first bout and now wanted to risk it again, which is a mark of a true warrior (if not being a stubborn).

Broner has the physical strength to dominate 140 pound division, but a rematch with Marcos Maidana at 147 is a almost a sure déjà vu of the first bout.

Do you think it is really that bad for Broner to fight immediately Maidana?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Pac-Man calls Mayweather a coward, talks trilogy and giving the fans what they want

Superstar Manny Pacquiao was speaking on the radio in his native Manila last night, talking with The Manila Times via DZAR Sunshine Radio, and the southpaw dynamo launched the most aggressive verbal assault yet on would-be ring rival Floyd Mayweather Junior.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is the mega-deal with Showtime pressures Mayweather to fight Pacquiao?

download (3)

Pound-for-pound kingpin and boxing's "Fighter of the Year" for most sports media, Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be under pressure from Showtime to fight multi-division champion Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather is on the verge of choosing his opponent for his third fight under his contractual obligation: 6-fight mega-deal with Showtime. Mayweather's camp is inclined to pick Amir Khan, but seems gained negative feedback, because it could be an easy work for boxing's cash cow.

Who will buy a ticket or PPV subscription watching a man that considers own self all-time great beating a man that has no potential threat style-wise or skill-wise?

Like it or not, if you're a Mayweather fan, large part of boxing fans that patronized Mayweather fights were those that love to see him had his ass whoop for the first time.

If you're putting in someone wherein Mayweather is a sure win -- at this point -- wherein hard earned money should be spent on something else; I think fans would rather not buy.

Meanwhile, the latest ass-kicking of Marcos Maidana to Adrien Broner, made Maidana's name in the mix as a more suitable opponent of Floyd Mayweather.

However, wherever you'll go in the World Wide Web -- boxing articles with subjects not named Floyd Mayweather or Pacquaio -- will end up in the comment section suggesting and insinuating Mayweather should fight Pacquaio next.

With almost half a decade boxing fans clamored for this fight and Pacquiao latest demolition of Brandon Rios in November, revive the idea that Money vs. Manny could be the biggest fight that would erase boxing records in terms of revenue.

With Mayweather's huge guaranteed purse under his contract with Showtime, I think and I believe that this could pressure Mayweather to fight Pacquaio irrespective of his ton of demands will be meet or not.

Showtime will of course, not agree to set-up a fight that will not generate the desired revenue that would cover not just the "fat guarantee" says Roach on The Sweet Science, for Mayweather, but for the entire network business in general.
"He said Showtime needs a marquee name to spur pay-per-view sales, to meet Floyd's fat guarantee, and that means Manny. "They can't pay that money for Amir Khan," he said, referring to his former client, who has been rumored to be the leading candidate to meet Mayweather in May. "I'm being optimistic that a Manny-Mayweather fight is closer now than ever."

And if Mayweather would pick Khan for his May ring return and generates inauspicious results in business standpoint, then there will be more pressure from Showtime for Mayweather to fight Pacquaio on September. To make the pressure on the spot and will not leave room for Mayweather to breath, Pacquaio should win impressively on his own ring return on April.

The same scenario I saw, when Mayweather fought Robert Guerrero wherein the revenue is unfavorable, I believed, Mayweather was pressured to fight Saul Alvarez, the perceived competitive opponent (not Pacquaio because at that time he had two straight losses).

In my previous article, I wrote that I will let myself get circumcised once again if this fight will happen in September; well I guess it will be likely on September.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let's face it, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao will never happen

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A lot of speculations going online suggesting and insinuating that Mayweather vs. Pacquaio, or even if you reverse it,  Pacquiao vs. Mayweather will finally happen.

Lou Ramon Aguila wrote on International Business Times that Mayweather vs. Pacquiao will finally takes place on September 2014.
"Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao have already booked a date to settle the score once and for all. According to a source close to situation, the megabuck showdown between Money May and the Pacman will finally take place in September 2014 after several failed attempts to arrange the biggest match in boxing history."

Who is  this "source close to situation"? Only Mr. Aguila knows.

Well, after this article was up on Pinoy Greats website, a lot of articles popped up telling that all these reports were not true. And both Mayweather and Pacquiao told in separate media outlets that the September 2014 clash isn't true at all.

According to "taban" Mayweather, if it's not coming from his mouth or from his manager or Al Haymon, don't believe it. Well, no need to say it. I know, it will never happen.

Let's face it: Mayweather-Pacquaio will never happen.

Although I blame more on Mayweather why this fight not happening, but Pacquiao also has to be blame too, why the most wanted match-up by fight fans ain't happening?

It's almost half a decade we're waiting for this fight.

Why, we fight fans, were denied for the fight, that we all wanted for, for almost half a decade now?

This is unfair.

I'm willing to spend my hard earned money for PPV that might be priced as high as 100 USD. Khalas! If it is 100 USD so be it, if it's what it takes for Mayweather and Pacquiao to meet in the ring.

Do you still believe that this fight will happen?images

If you'll ask me, well I'm sick waiting for this fight to happen. Sorry for my negativity, but it is what it is.

And if this fight will happen this year; I will call my wife's gynecologist to circumcise me once again.