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Friday, December 2, 2011

PhilBack Intercompany Division: United COE Outlast Safat Al Ghanim 73-70

Unitedd COE pose for the team picture

Jawhara Khalijia Arabic School Riggae – United COE is now on top of the game standing above all other ten teams, of the PhilBack’s Intercompany Division, after a thrilling battle against former number one in the division, Safat Al Ghanim on Friday.

Al Ghanim was trailing United COE from the first quarter all the way to the middle of the fourth quarter by not less than five points. Led by Romy Navarro and Paul Mallari, the COE was relentless in the offensive. The rest of the team focused on defense that allowed no space for Al Ghanim for any open or easy shots.

It was in the mid part of the fourth quarter that Al Ghanim turned the heat against United COE.

Safat Al Ghanim let the hands go for their shooters from three point range and converted three successive three point shots that changed the favor by five points that delighted the fans of Al Ghanim – dancing in the side court, which served as a wake-up call for the COE to get back into offense.

However after several attempts, nothing converted but instead a crucial back to back turn over committed by United COE's jersey number 24.

The pressure is on COE and as a result, a heated argument erupted between Robert Cano of COE and number 23 of Al Ganim that prompted the officials to eject both players for two minutes to ease up tension.

Momentum shifted back to COE after a very important jumper coming from Ramil Cadano that extinguished the fire orchestrated by the three point markers of Al Ghanim. Paul Mallari added similar important two points that made up a comfortable six point lead in the dying seconds of the game.

In the final 4 seconds of the game a crucial three second violation committed by COE. Safat Al Ghanim sinked in the last three point basket of the game and succumbed to a three point deficit loss.

United COE believed that everyone in the team has his own way of playing offensively but what matter's most is how effective each player played defensively.

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