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Friday, August 5, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I love Boxing Above All Sports (Part 1 of 10)

When I am in elementary school, I was the smallest in the classroom. I am only about six years old when my mother sent me to first grade. I supposed to be a visitor in the class. My mother expect me to take again first grade in the following year, but I was able to pass.


Perhaps the youngest, while the smallest in the room, my bigger and older classmates loves to bully me. Not just because I am small but I am really scared to fight back. Scared to received bare knuckle fist upon my face (I always have nose-bleeding when I was a kid). I have one classmate that I am really scared of because he like to boxed at my chest. If he likes my toy, he just show his fist to me and Ill give right away (trembling).


One day, after our morning class, I was invited by one of our classmates to once again have lunch in their house. which is near to our school. I love to go with him because he has a lot of toys. But guess what? the kid I am so scared of was also invited. I cant back out because I really wanted to play there. You know how is it like to play a lot toys as a kid right?


When we start playing, this kid is really bullying me. Whatever toy I wanted to play he will grab it. As if he don't want me to play. So I stayed in the corner of my friends room, and watch them playing. I notice something under the bed. I grab it and found a pair of boxing gloves. To my delight I wear it and start boxing in the air.


I stopped when I see my classmate notice me and straight away took the other pair and start boxing at me. I was so scared. He is yelling at me to fight back. My other classmate yelled also saying "come on lets do it outside!!!". I am in deep trouble, as I see myself squaring off a fellow I am really scared of. But as he punch me right in my face I started to feel something, I don't know, whether to cry or to fight back. Something comes in my mind. Whether Ill fight back or not this kid will not stop. I decided to give it all, because this not gonna hurt like bare knuckles which he usually did boxing upon my chest.


But I don't know, from where  I got my skills, as I see myself betting him, that to my surprise my other classmate is holding me back to stop beating him.


From that day on, his never touched me. The whole story was told in the entire first grade class of what had happened. That, being said not only surprised them but for me as well, how the hell I did that?


That is why I love boxing! This is just my first reason folks. Stay tuned for the other nine. I m gonna till you in a series of post and in between updating you to the latest in world of boxing (like what had happened to Drian Francisco Vs Michael Domingo match up negotiation). The sport we all love.

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