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Monday, July 23, 2012

Adrien Broner another Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the making

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Adrien Broner wins on Saturday 21 July 2012 against Vicente Escobedo 26-4-0 (KO 15) via knockout in round 5 at U. S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The vacant WBO super featherweight title is at stake only for Escobedo when Adrien Broner 24-0-0 (KO 20) failed to make the division limit at 130 pounds.

Broner at 22 years old is a young and talented but cocky fighter. I cannot deny that this kid has a resemblance of a Floyd Mayweather Jr.

As talented as Mayweather Jr.?

Broner throws a counter left-hook, while the right hand is tight on defense for the right cheek but arm and ready to throw for a straight or overhand right. He can do Money May’s trademark–shoulder roll. This kid also has fast hands and decent footwork. In my opinion he has the ability to emulate what Floyd can do inside the ring.

As cocky as Floyd?

I watch several fight videos of him wherein he tease and taunt his opponent in the ring, bringing his guard down an enticed opponents to come in. Although, I wasn’t able to watch foul words that this young rising star from Cincinnati thrown towards an opponent–he seems to have a tendency to do so.

Adrien Broner also knows how to create scenario that capture a lot of publicity. Either bad or good publicity it is publicity. This is where Floyd is good at–“negative publicity”.

During the weigh in Broner already create buzz that resulted to mix reaction from fans and writers–branding him as disrespectful to Escobedo. Many told that he just made the right decision for he has difficulties in making weight and has plans of moving up.


One of Broner’s moves that add glitter during Saturdays fight is his wedding proposal to his girlfriend. This is the first time so far, I saw a proposal in a post fight interview.

Overall, in my opinion we have another Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the making. I hope Broner can surpass the talent not the cockiness of the so-called villainin boxing.

It is not bad to be like Mayweather as long as cockiness is back-up with talent, dedication and hard work.

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