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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chavez vs. Martinez: Do you want a rematch?

Photo Credits: Associated Press

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fell short in his last hurray in the final round of the World Middleweight championship showdown with Sergio Martinez at the Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas Nevada, United States. Martinez get the decision via a wide margin.
Chavez was not able to put Martinez to sleep when he try his last surge of power. After that crushing trip to the canvas Martinez still managed to hold on to survive the onslaught.

Personally I like the idea of a rematch. Why? Because of the major adjustments which are too exciting to note. Why? Again because first, Chavez will think of his performance tonight as to why Martinez toyed and show-boated him for eleven rounds.

Yes! Not one but eleven straight rounds. Now he tasted defeat. Maybe he will get serious now in training. There were talks that he is not taking training seriously.

Don’t tell me also that he will agree with the perception that he was overrated, over-hyped and overprotected baby Chavez.

Of course he will not. To prove that he is capable of defeating real deal opponents he should insist a rematch. In round 12 he already showed what he is capable of when he will catch an opponent with his power.

The adjustment maybe he should impose is more head-to-head movement when applying pressure to evade jabs while coming in. Plus a pick-a-boo style might be considered. I’m no boxing tactician here but I clearly saw that he came short of this basic tricks.

One more thing also I notice—Chavez seemed so cautious in terms of covering his face. I will not blame him because he’s cute. If I were Chavez, of course Ill cover my face the same way Clottey cover against Pacquaio.

Although Martinez also is equally cute but he just put his hands down and showed his face to Chavez. My point here is that I think Chavez should have let his hands go why applying pressure.

Chavez was able to absorb Martinez hardest shots but send him down with his own power shot. This are just some of my anticipated adjustment that I saw Chavez would take if and only if there will be a rematch.

Now, let’s go on Martinez would be adjustments. I think he is still thinking of that knockdown in the last round. If how he used speed to evade Chavez—more should be done in the rematch. I mean he should maintain and keep up his speed all throughout the entire twelve rounds.

Otherwise he knows what will happen to him if Chavez will catch him—trip to canvas for good. That if he will exclude also the plan of knocking out Chavez—which he should not.

Again if and only if a rematch will happen, that would be for sure next year. In 2013, Martinez will be turning 38 years old. So father time would not be in his side.

It is a major challenge on his part to keep up stamina and speed. He should make sure his oxygen tank is full. His accelerator and speedometer are in place, good-running condition.

There were talks that Jerry Jones shows interests to host a rematch in his famous Stadium in Texas. Wow! That would be huge. How I wish I would be in the ringside covering this would-be-rematch.

However, up to this point Ill just be content in browsing free live stream on a full-of-advertisement live streaming sites.

Now back to Cowboys Stadium. Fans from Mexico would get a lot easier. So let us remove the idea that a rematch is pointless because it is insane. The adjustments they will make alone, made me so excited about this.

Again my question is… Do you want Chavez vs. Martinez II? Hell yes!

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