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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mares vs Moreno: Boxing's another bad call

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Abner Mares won against Anselmo Moreno, retain his super bantamweight title, in a manner that you will dubbed him not just simply tricky no more, but pure and plain dirty. Not so good statement yeah? for Mares fans but that is how it is. Mares is a very talented and nice guy minus the ring, gloves and opponent. Mares I think without using those foul maneuver could win a fight in a fair shake.

What really hurt the image of the sport in this fight is the way it is being officiated. I don't how many times Mares hit Moreno in the groin, all I can hear is referee Caiz Jr. keep on saying like after every other round saying "keep 'em up" without deducting a point but deducted Moreno for pushing Mares head down.
Al Bernstein tweeted that "abner's head get's pushed down in every fight because of way he lunges in."
I think Moreno pushed Mares head down when Mares crouched in front of him thinking that Mares will hit him again another illegal blow. If that is the case, Moreno could have cover his balls instead of his chin and start shelling Mares balls also and this could have been a boxingball.

Apart from this, judging was very pro-Mares. In my opinion even if Mares did a good job in an all out aggression whatever it is to win the fight--and he really did win that fight but not in a score of 120-106. I don't know how judge Dr. James Jen-Kin scored the fight. It was like he was seeing Moreno's hand tied on his back.

A 114-112 would be somewhat near the line not a shootout. Even a draw would not raise anyone's eyebrow. I feel that referee like this bias should be penalized. Sometimes maybe we are unfair but in a way that it can be digested. Something not OA; this one is really exaggerated.

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