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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fonfara stops Campillo for another win coming from behind, earns title shot

The crowd at U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago was ecstatic with this ESPN2 Friday Night Fights edition. Boxing fans just love to see knockdowns and knockout ending fights.

Fonfara was trailing on the scorecards and is eating straight lefts from Gabriel Campillo, now dropped to 22-6-1 (KO 9), from the start till the middle rounds. Andrzej Fonfara now improves to 23-2 (KO 14), then starts to step on the gas and staging his own assault. He stalks Campillo and catches him on the ropes and Campillo almost down to close Round 8.

In the Round 9 comes the explosive end. Fonfara unleashes a devastating right hand to the midsection--somewhere in the spot where medics apply pressure when conducting CPR. That part of the upper stomach is really painful if gets hit. Try to hit it. It really hurts. Fonfara take a knee and from his face's expression, it's clear that he cannot continue.

With the win, Fonfara earn the shot for the IBF title that Bernard Hopkins held.

Meanwhile, Mike Mollo, 20-5-1 (KO 12) didn't get the sweet revenge he hopes for the rematch. The undefeated fighter from Poland, Artur Szpilka16-0 (KO12) knocks Mollo out again in a very entertaining fight. Although, Mollo had his moment in the Round 3 when he first scores a knockdown that slightly hurt Szpilka. But Mollo was unable to follow through. Szpilka was moving around and recovers his footing.

In the fourth round Mollo is breathing heavily, probably not in the best shape and could not keep up the pace of a constant moving opponent. I think he gain a lot of weight overnight. In the fifth Szpilka popped a quick left that landed on Mollos face. Kaboom! Mollo went down flat on his back. But with tremendous heart he got up, however the referee waived it off.

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