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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Efrain Esquivias stops Rafael Marquez in Round 9

Every great fighter has its downfall. I hate to see them happen. But it is what it is. Once you get to the top the next thing for sure will happen: is to go downhill. This is the case Saturday night at the Fantasy Springs Casino. Rafael Marquez at 38, wanted to stay relevant in the featherweight division taking on a younger foe in Efrain Esquivias in the under-card of Arreola-Mitchell heavyweight contest.

Rafael Marquez 41-9 (KO 37) was knocked out in the ninth round. The TKO defeat might send him to retirement—which I think he should. The younger Esquivias dominated Marquez almost every round, landing the cleaner shots. Although, Marquez showed flashback of himself some years ago, prior to his great wars with Israel Vasquez by pinning Esquivias against the ropes. But his age was evident from what he did inside the ring. After he unleashed those shots that back Esquivias up, Marquez seemed so slow and tired entering the ninth round. There was no sting from his punches. His reflexes were not there. Totally old.

Efrain Esquivias walk through those shots and continue headhunting Marquez that paid off in the ninth round; connecting solid right hand sending the Mexican warrior to the floor. 

I think this is the end of the road for the great career of Rafael Marquez. He should retire from boxing; he has done great for the sport. He’s been into epic battles with Israel Vazquez that I believed both fighters became damage goods after the third encounter. It was a brutal fight. Although Marquez won the fourth and final battle against Vazquez, he was 2-3 since then, out of five fights. He won by stoppage against journeymen—Eric Aiken and Eduardo Becerril but knockout by champion caliber opponents—Cristian Mijares and Toshiaki Nishioka. A clear indication that his career is nowhere going up but on the downside instead. 

I think Rafael Marquez was motivated by the victory of his older brother, Juan Manuel Marquez to continue fighting even after his knocked out defeat against Mijares in October 2012—which I believed he should have retired soon after that fight. 

Well, who will not get motivated to fight again also, if you have an older brother, who pulled a stunning KO victory against his arch-rival at age 39? I assumed Rafael might be thinking that: if my brother can do why can’t I? However, the result last night was not exactly he wanted. I hate not to see again the kind of fighter Rafael use to be. But I think that’s it for him. He should retire. 

Do you think Rafael still has it to keep on fighting? Or he should retire?  

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