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Saturday, November 9, 2013

HBO Boxing After Dark Results: Garcia, Donaire, Andrade winners

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HBO's Boxing After Dark Triple Header Results: featuring Mikey Garcia vs. Rocky Martinez, Nonito Donaire vs. Vic Darchinyan II in the featherweight division and Vanes Martirosyan vs. Demetrius Andrade at the American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Mikey Garcia KO 8 Rocky Martinez

Mikey Garcia stops Martinez in a very composed and methodical fight against Martinez making a statement in the super featherweight division, despite being knockdown in the second round. Garcia wobbled and hurt Martinez in the sixth and seventh round and I'm looking for that killer instinct in Mikey. Seriously, I'm a bit unhappy when a fighter refuses to finished off an opponent, which is on the verge of going down. But Garcia didn't frustrate me more or his legion of fans, but instead show that killer instinct I'm looking for in the eighth round landing a vicious body shot that took Martinez out of the fight.

Nonito Donaire KO 9 Vic Darchinyan

Nonito Donaire and Vic Darchinyan started the fight very cautious. As the rounds progresses, the cautious style did good for Darchinyan. Donaire struggled to gain control of the fight. Occasionally, Darchinyan's left stunned if not staggered Nonito. But as Nonito start using his left hook more, he catches Darchinyan with the same counter left-hook that put Darchinyan out in their first encounter six years ago. Although, this time Darchinyan managed to get back on his feet, but only to be greeted again with tremendous barrage of punches from the attacking Donaire. The referee stops the fight as it should be.

Demetrius Andrade SD12 Vanes Martirosyan

After the first round knock down and losing a couple of rounds in the first half of the fight, Demetrius Andrade slowly pick up the pace and controlled the second half of the fight. He was able to stopped Martirosyan on his track with his jab delivered in a southpaw stance. Vanes work-rate somewhat dropped dramatically in the second half. And it seemed that the final round was in for the grab. However I've never seen any dramatic effort from Martirosyan. Andrade was still in control and that I feel he won the fight. The judges cards read 115-112 Vanes, 114-113 Andrade and 117-110 Andrade.

Alex Saucedo KO 3 Steve Hall

Alex Saucedo, 11-0-0 (KO 8) was in for a short night knocking out Steve Hall inside Round 3. Early on it was evident that Saucedo's power is dominant. Hall seemed to back down every punch that Saucedo landed onto him. And in the third round Saucedo finished Hall into the ropes.

Nicholas Walters TKO 4 Alberto Garza

WBA featherweight titlist Nicholas Walters, 23-0-0 (KO 19) stops Alberto Garza in Round 4. Garza was down once in the fourth round but was ruled by the referee as a low blow. However, in the replay it seems to me that it was a good shot, right in the food basket. The referee gave Garza time to recovee. When the fight resumed, Walters jumped in to Garza and finished him (Garza) off with series of punches that sent him down flat on his back, this time really for good.

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