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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Danny Garcia destroys Rod Salka in an overkill matchup

[caption id="attachment_3818" align="alignnone" width="1800"]Danny Garcia distroys Rod Salka in an overkill matchup Photo Credit: Amanda Kwok / SHOWTIME Golden Boy Promotions/Hoganphotos[/caption]

Danny Garcia (29-0, 17 KO) took good care of business. And destroyed Rod Salka in Round 2 of their junior welterweight bout, (actually a catch-weight at 142 lbs.) at the Barclays Center in New York, on Showtime’s triple header.

There’s nothing to say about this fight. The moment this fight announced, boxing writers already drafted their recap for this fight. They thought, Salka is overkilled in this match-up. That was the case tonight.

I hate when boxing writers are writing off an underdog. I inclined to favor underdogs, at some level. But this one is an exception.

I look at every angle, but I can’t see any angle Rod Salka can pull an upset. So, I drafted my recap too.

There is not so much of resistance from Salka (19-4, 3 KO). Garcia overpowered Salka. no answer to Garcia’s power and skill. In Round 1, it’s obvious that Salka would like to pull a Mauricio Herrera type of game plan. He tried to move around and he heard the bell that signaled Round 1 has ended. But in the second round, Salka didn’t hear the bell.

In the second round, Garcia dropped Salka and then followed up with intensity that forced Salka on his knee. Salka was able to continue but it was obvious that it’s just a matter of seconds — he’ll visit again the floor. Salka stood his limited ground, banged his chest, inviting Garcia to come in. He got what he wanted. Garcia threw a decoy punch to body and followed up with his signature left hook in full force that sent Salka flat on his back.

The referee didn’t bother to count and waved it off at 2:31 in Round 2. I saw also the white towel float in the air. But that was not needed. The referee stopped already the fight.

When, I saw the left hook landed clean on Salka’s chin. I whispered “God please keep him safe”. The power and impact behind that punch is tremendous because Salka didn't even saw it. And Garcia is way too heavy that night compared to the unknown lightweight underdog. Weight limit in each weight class are there for a reason. That’s why, I pray for Salka’s safety after that punch landed.

Well, I hope we will not see this kind of stay busy match-up more often because it sucks. And it doesn't make any sense even to the favorite fighter. Just for the sake of staying busy? Or they just wanted a paid sparring?

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