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Friday, September 5, 2014

Peter Quillin dumps WBO title for no reason?

Peter Quillin dumps WBO title for no reason?

When I first read the press release saying that Peter Quillin relinquished his WBO title, I thought it was a random let-go-the-belt, move-up-in-weight decision.

A move we used to hear, when a fighter moved up in weight. But he is not moving away from middleweight division. My confusion started...

Quillin relinquished the title for no reason? That makes no sense.

Why the hell he let go of that title? Well I know that the some boxing media, that including me, if you consider, not happy with these alphabet gangs.

And you know the obvious reason why. But boxers do appreciate alphabet belts. It's more of a hardware they can hold feel and see after a hard won battle.

I just don’t understand why he let go of that title and yet he stayed in the same division. I see something strange about it. I made a couple of digging in the biggest library in the world -- the World Wide Web.

I found Kevin Iole's post. It gives enlightenment to my confusion.

According to Iole "It's most likely that Quillin dropping the title was a move orchestrated by Haymon to keep Jay Z out of his business. That, more than ducking any fighter, is almost certainly what this is about."

Although Iole put it like more of a theory but it makes a lot of sense why Quillin relinquish the title.

So, if Iole's theory is correct. So Haymon don't want to get involve with Jay Z. He's a rapper right? What is he doing in boxing? Ah! Because Haymon has issues with Jay Z.

But let us not stop from there. Let us look at Quillin statement.

I'd like to thank WBO president Paco Valcarcel and his organization for their support throughout the years," said Quillin. "Winning the WBO world championship was a highlight in my career and something I'll never forget, this is a difficult decision, but in order to make the fights the fans and I want against my fellow middleweights at the top of the division, I needed to relinquish the title. This is an exciting new chapter in my life, and I'm looking forward to cementing my spot as the best middleweight in the world."

So, Quillin believed that Matt Korobov is not at the top of the middleweight division. And I agree with Quillin.

Korovov is not rated in the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board middleweight rankings. The ranking body that I believed. Because it has one champion in each division, unlike the alphabet gangs.

So, Korobov, as not "a fellow middleweight a top of the division".

What about the money?

Quillin will receive 1.4 million dollars for Korobov fight. The biggest purse so far in his career. Is this still small for him? Okay.

But who he will fight next'? It is a lot bigger money? Then who?

If Quillin wants the biggest, then that’s Gennady Golovkin as what Iole suggested. But Golovkin engaged with Rubio.

So another Haymon fighter? Maybe Danny Jacobs. At least he ranked as top ten on the Transnational Rankings. But this could be lesser money than Korovob. Then how he could considered this as a big fight.

Then, it boils down that Quillin's move is to suffice the wants of his adviser -- the great Al Haymon.

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