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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Floyd in hiring Ariza had Pacquiao well scouted


Floyd Mayweather Jr. hired former Manny Pacquiao conditioning coach Alex Ariza. He signed Ariza sometime in September 2014 when he prepared for Marcos Maidana rematch.

Prior to signing with Floyd's camp for two years contract as the new conditioning coach, Ariza also worked with Robert Garcia to help prepare Maidana for thier first Mayweather bout.

Ariza also helped Brandon Rios train for his fight with Pacquiao in Macau. He was released after the Mayweather-Maidana first bout due to seemingly conflicting with Robert Garcia. 

Ariza was fired from the Pacquiao camp due to conflicts with Freddie Roach. The conflict even escalated to physical confrontation.

Many believed that signing Ariza is just a mere publicity stunt for Mayweather's camp to hype the rematch.

But I think, Floyd signing Ariza is not just a promotional maneuver. It could be. But I look at it as part of Floyd's preparation for his upcoming mega fight with Pacquiao.

If there's someone else knows the inside out of Pacquiao regorous training apart from coach Freddie Roach -- that's Alex Ariza.

Mayweather's camp would certainly benefit from the first hand information that Ariza had. It could be ranging from the techniques, movements, training and preparation that Pacquiao may used against Mayweather.

I'm not surprise when I read one article that quote's Floyd Mayweather Sr. saying that they had Pacquiao very well "scouted".

Freddie Roach said in a separate report that he had a different game plan for Pacquiao against Mayweather.

But at this point I'm certain with one thing. Floyd has already a slight edge from the preparation and training standpoint. He had Pacquiao well scouted.

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