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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Boxing's freak shows in 2015

When I was a kid, I really love the WWE. Later on, as I grew up, of course, I discovered that WWE is not a legitimate sporting contest. It is just pure entertainment. It is scripted and staged. That's the time I focus my attention to boxing and lost interest to wrestling.

Although professional boxing is a legitimate sporting contest, but still it is not immune from staged fights. Few prominent figures in boxing crazy nations staged fights in their favor for personal interest. Some boxers paid opponents to take a dive in order to boost their records if not boosting their macho image or for political ambition.

Since following boxing at an early age, it is only in this year that I witnessed two boxing bout that is obviously staged. It is freaking fraud! A fucking freak show! And it's too obvious that I wanted to shit on my pants. Pull my shit out from my pants and wipe it on the TV screen. Maybe I was able to watch before, but I was not able to recognize it because the dive did not look too obvious. But these two bouts? Naaaa!!!

Mickey Rourke vs. Elliot Seymour

Update: Sorry for the bad title, but this actually happened in 2014.

At 62 years old and 20 years removed from his last bout, who will think that Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke will return to the ring? But he did! And he won against a guy half his age via knockout in just two rounds. Hmmmm... Will you believe? Watch below!

Jorge Kahwagi vs. Ramon Olivas

Jorge Kahwagi, 47, till undefeated in 12 fights with all wins coming by way of knockout, made a stunning come back fight ten years after his last bogus fight and won via first round KO. Weeeee! Watch the freakishness below!

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