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Friday, August 7, 2015

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: The media put all hype on Manny Pacquiao

[caption id="attachment_5979" align="alignnone" width="1800"]Floyd Mayweather Jr.: The media put all lie on Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather Jr. poses with Andre Berto during their kick-off press conference Thursday. Photo: Showtine[/caption]

Floyd Mayweather Jr. had a hoarse voice coming in at the kick-off press conference. When it was his turn to speak at the podium to talk about his fight against Andre Berto on September -- his last fight according to him -- he was coughing. Maybe because of too much chanting "hard work" and "TBE" during his hard training, which seemed nobody care as I can only see those on his Shots account without seeing any reporting about how he's preparing the fight.

I mean it seems nobody really cares about the fight. Nobody really talk about the fight and if there were, they were lashing him for choosing Andre Berto (30-3, 23 KOs) in the first place and the fight is not on free TV as it was first rumored.

It could have been a nice move of the undefeated American if he put this fight on free TV because it looks like giving back to the fans for raking in between 120-200 million dollars in his lackluster fight that we've been waiting for half a decade to happen.

It could have this been situation: Floyd picked an easy fight, put it on free TV and not charging $74.95, boxing fans happy; he'll go out there and win and be 49-0 (tie with Rocky Marciano); get the sponsorship, advertisement money and retire.

However, this is not what is happening. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (48-0, 26 KOs) is all about money and I can't blame because the fight even if on free TV might not get good numbers of advertisers and sponsors because of taking on Andre Berto.

During the kick-off press conference, Floyd is ask about why Berto? Of course he's quick to defend about Berto, and even differentiates Manny Pacquiao and Berto. The difference is that "the media put all the hype on Manny Pacquiao says Floyd. The media "put all the hype on Manny Pacquaio".

I think it's not just hyping Many Pacquiao. I think the media is hyping the match-up itself because the fans wanted the fight in 2009. Floyd was the just the receiving end of criticism, because the popular opinion is -- he's the one ducking Pacquaio. But he should not blame the media. I think he should thank the media instead.

However, what I don’t like though is that how the media especially the media covering closely Pacquiao (that would be the Philippine media for sure) for not reporting what exactly happening in Pacquiao's camp. Yes I'm talking about that shoulder injury. Well, what the media will report if the injury did not really happen?

When Floyd was ask why he chose Berto instead of Amir Khan, Floyd is quick to deflect the question by saying Khan should get past Danny Garcia. Isn't it Berto should get past first Robert Guerrero?

Guerrero beat Berto, and Guerrero was taken to boxing school by no other than Floyd himself. Floyd is fighting the man who was beaten by the man he was beaten. Naaaa…! The school of thought is that it should be the other way around. Really, were moving backward.

When Floyd was ask about Keith Thurman, who has a title at the welterweight division, he again was quick to dismiss Thurman. "Nobody knows too much about him" says Floyd. So okay, let's deal with it. We have Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Andre Berto officially on September 13 live on Showtime PPV for $74.95 and I am not buying it, but I will watch it somewhere on the World Wide Web.

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