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Monday, October 26, 2015

Manny Pacquiao to retire if he wins senatorial race

What if he loses?

Manny Pacquiao's retirement in the sport of boxing in 2016 has the word "if" associated.

According to Top Rank's boss Bob Arum, Pacquiao's promoter, that Pacquiao told him "Bob, hopefully, by the middle of May I will have been elected senator in the Philippines and at that point, I cannot engage in boxing because I need to focus on the senate and I have to be in attendance."

So, if Pacquaio loses this April he may not retire? The answer remains to be seen after May 2016 Philippine national election. But it looks likely that he might continue if he indeed loses the senatorial race.

The supposed Pacquiao final fight is scheduled for April 19, 2016. The election is scheduled for May 9, 2016. Pacquiao will have less than one month to campaign after the April fight.

The outcome of the fight is also a big factor if Pacquiao will go on fighting. What if he loses badly in his fight against an opponent yet to be determined?

It seemed Pacquiao wanted to pick the best opponent available.

The options being considered were Amir Khan, Kell Brook, Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Terence Crawford. Those were solid opponents.

With Terrence Crawford's knockout victory just this weekend, he could the front runner in the shortlisted potential opponents to face the 36-year-old Pacquiao.

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