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Friday, November 20, 2015

Drian Francisco: I will do my best in the ring

Only four people believed Holly Holm will win against former undefeated UFC female superstar Ronda Rousey when the two met in Australia this past weekend. Those were the people in her corner.

When Drian Francisco (28-3-1, 22 KOs) enters the ring this Saturday night against the undefeated and the best pure boxer in the sport today, Guillermo Rigondeux (15-0, 10 KOs), most likely, fewer people think he will win. I can’t even blame if the men that will man his corner doubted he will win. After all, when the bell sounded to signal the beginning of Round 1 it’s between Francisco and Rigondeux.

But the Filipino known for his unorthodox style was unfazed of the situation. He was very motivated to win. He’s hungry to win. This is a rare opportunity, and the opportunity came in at the right time.

Here’s why:

Drian is currently preparing for a fight when he was offered to fight Regondeaux on the undercard of the most anticipated Mexico- Puerto Rico boxing rivalry Miguel Cotto vs Saul Canelo Alvarez. Francisco pulled out of a scheduled ten-round bout against Danilo Pena scheduled on Friday. Meaning, Drian is in fighting shape when this opportunity surface – although the offer came out in the short notice.

Unlike any sacrificial lamb destined to be defeated in the savage squared circle against a much superior opponent in short notice, Drian is a well-prepared lamb.

If he’s physically prepared, let’s check how’s mentally prepared for this fight.

"I know that Rigondeaux is one of the best fighters. He's one of the top four or five best fighters in the world. But I'm here to fight and I am here to win". Drian said during the final media workout.

"I'm mentally prepared for this fight. I hope the fans will support me. I will do my best in the ring." said Francisco.

On the other hand, Rigo is coming off from an 11-month hiatus. Ring-rust may not play a major factor as Rigo always train. But inactivity is inactivity. It doesn't do good to any fighter other than resting a battle-weary body and soul.

With the above said, what do you think are the chances of Drian Francisco pulling an upset?

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