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Friday, March 3, 2017

Pacquiao set to fight Khan in May

Contrary to earlier report that Pacquiao-Khan will be held in April 2017, Michael Koncz told Yahoo Sports that it is decided to move it to May 19 to have time to promote the fight properly. The decision was made after a two-hour meeting with promoter Bob Arum on Tuesday.

“We decided to move it to May 19 here and May 20 in the United Emirates so we’d have time to promote it properly and make it a huge success. I have to talk to both fighters to get them to approve going in May instead of in April. I don’t think that will be any problem," says Koncz.

I really have a gut feeling that the fight will not push through in April as there's not enough time to promote and prepare the fight.

Well, after waiting for years for this fight to happen in the Middle East finally it will be here. This is what exactly the OFW's, especially in the GCC area, happen. They wanted to see their kabayan and idol Manny Pacquiao fight against an equally prominent opponent in Amir Khan in the GCC.

Although it has to be known yet where exactly in the United Arab Emirates the fight will be held. Most likely, it could be in Dubai. In the past, most of the boxing matches were held there. Two of the popular Pinoy Pride series were successfully held in Dubai before.

If you are going to look at it, Pacquiao-Khan would really do well on PPV compared to earlier reported opponent Jeff Horn of Australia.

"This is what we are waiting for, to see Pacquiao fight in UAE. We are very excited! Hopefully, it will push through," says Alan, 38, OFW in Dubai.

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