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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Danny Garcia vs Brandon Rios preview

Danny Garcia and Brandon will face Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, Events Center, Las Vegas for a 12-round welterweight bout.

Garcia and Rios came in at 146.5 pounds during the official weigh-in on Friday. Both men looked very impressive and in tremendous shape. If you look at Rios in many of his weigh-ins in the lower divisions, he looks drained and pale. And as he climbed on to higher division, he looks fat on those few weigh-ins in the past. As to Danny Garcia, he always came in shape at every division he fought into.

These two guys have similar numbers if you look into their height, reach, and age. Garcia stands 5'81/2", reach 174 cm. Rios, 5'8", reach 173 cm. A slight advantage on Garcia though but I don't see it really matters.

As I look at it, the fight is good till Rios' chin still able to absorb those overextended right hooks from Garcia or an overhand right counter. The style of Rios looks tailor-made for Garcia. Rios loves to come in and Garcia loves to counter with some little angle maneuvers. If you look at Rios's previous fights, he loses to fighters that adjusted his fight and by not fighting his fight, which is toe-to-toe, tough-to-tough bravado.

Well, of course, I'm not counting Rios on this fight, I mean if he could lure Garcia to fight his fight then he has the chance of knocking Garcia also. Rios has this tendency of talking in the ring that could really piss an opponent. A style that would lure an opponent to answer fire with fire.

Hunger to win

Garcia would not want back-to-back losses here obviously. He really would go back to the win column to get back on track and go back to where he's at prior to the Thurman loss.

Rios on the other hand, looking also to get a solid win. I mean a win from Danny Garcia will boost his rank among the top welters. It's the hottest division so far.

During the weigh-in, Garcia said "I'ma do what I wanna do. Like I said before, it's the Danny Garcia show... I'ma put him to sleep!"

In response, Rios said, "I can win this fight. I won my world title why can't I beat Danny Garcia? He's nobody special. Everybody thinks he's somebody special, he ain't nobody special. I'm ready for this guy."

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