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Friday, January 14, 2022

Bornea vs Obbadi Preview


Undefeated Filipino boxing prospect Jade Bornea will be put to a test as he faces Italy's Mohammed Obbadi for the Junior Bantamweight division title eliminator in Mexico on Friday.

Bornea (16-0-0, 10 KOs) yet to be tested, but I believed that this fighter from General Santos City was so much underrated. Let's discuss more about that later. Although Bornea and Obbadi were currently not ranked by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (TBRB) at the 115-pound division, this fight was sanctioned as a title eliminator for Jerwin Ancajas IBF Junior Bantamweight title. 

Forgive me if I keep on referring to the rankings of TBRB. Why? Because for me, this is a solid and reliable ranking. Take a look at TBRB's current Junior Bantamweight rankings.

Tell me in the comments below if the above rankings were a piece of shit.

Sitting at the top of the Junior Bantamweight division is Juan Francisco Estrada. The top four contenders includes, Rungvisai, Gonzalez, Ioka, Ancajas. Donnie Nietes was ranked number 9 and Kosie Tanaka at number 10.

Why I considered Bornea so much underrated? As you can see at the above rankings, it is only Bornea who fought and defeated a ranked fighter. He defeated ranked number 10 Kosie Tanaka by points in the 2013 Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championship. If you look at the resume of Ancajas, he has not yet fought any of the above ranked fighters.

Obbadi (22-1-0, 13 KOs) is the experienced fighter coming into the fight. As far as my readings is concerned, it seemed that this fight will be his first outside Italy. He fought for a Flyweight world title once but was defeated by Cristofer Rosales.

What's at stake?

Both men has the chance to showcase their talent and skills in the international stage. The outcome of this fight will set the tone of their respective careers.

“With Probellum and Sanman Boxing, I look forward to my upcoming IBF World Title Eliminator as just the start, with my ultimate goal to win the world title in 2022,” said Bornea.

The best man of this fight will have the chance to fight Ancajas' IBF title. Although a fight with Ancajas' is what Bornea less keen to do if he wins against Obaddi to avoid an all-Filipino clash, but he's ready to go if it is to be decided.

Obbadi on the other hand wanted to be back at championship mix as he failed to do it once at the Flyweight division.


By looking at the physical measurements of both men, Obaddi has the height and reach advantage who stands at 5'6" and has 5cm reach advantage. The conventional wisdom is that smaller fighter needs to close in and manage the gap, and the taller fighter has to use those height and reach by keeping the distance.

By looking at the resume of both men, obviously Obbadi has the experience. In the power category, it tells us that Bornea has more pop on his fists having a higher KO percentage.

Well, I think Bornea will not have so much problem bringing the rains of fire to Obbadi as this is his fighting style. Monikered as the hurricane, I think Bornea will bring the fight to Obbadi and it seemed to me that Obaddi instead of keeping the distance would trade rains of fire power with fire to tamed the hurricane. With this happening, I see Bornea's power would dominate Obbadi. Bornea wins by TKO in Round 7 or less with body punch.

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