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Friday, December 20, 2013

Omar Figueroa vs. Nihito Arakawa is SPB's fight of the year

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Few days from now we'll say goodbye to 2013 and say hello for the coming year 2014. Boxing media will soon announce their Boxing awards and it will include the "Fight of the Year" (FOTY) award. For SBP, Figueroa vs. Arakawa is SPB's "Fight of the Year" winner.

The date was July 27, 2013 when undefeated Omar Figueroa 22-0-1 (KO 17), met Japanese Nihito Arakawa 24-3-1 (KO 16), in the ring at AT&T Center, San Antonio Texas. Boxing purists and casual fans like to see action in the ring.

Boxing is called "boxing", and not "fighting", but name the award "Fight of the Year", not "Boxing of the Year". So I pick Figueroa vs. Arakawa as SPB's Fight of the Year because this absolutely a fight… hell of a fight, not boxing.

Figueroa and Arakawa ignore boxing's idea of hitting-without-getting-hit. In the get-go both men didn't put any gap between them and fought head to head.

Both men absorbed each other best shot and were more than willing take every shot than making a step back.

I can't imagine how these two men able to survive until the twelve rounds in such a savage fight.

I salute to both men for their ability for keep the same pace they started from the first round all the way to the final bell.

They could not survive the amount of beating they received from each other, if these men didn’t devote their time in preparation. Somebody should have kissed the canvas.

They showed up in the ring in the best shape they can be.

There's no need for me to hit 350 words, why I pick this fight to be the Fight of the Year. If you haven't watched it, hit the play button below. And if you did start writing in the comment section if you agree my pick. If not, then, let me know what fight do you have in mind?

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