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Friday, December 6, 2013

Is Guillermo Rigondeaux going to brawl Joseph Agbeko?


After Cuban two-time Olympic gold medalist, Guillermo Rigondeaux taught 2012 fighter of the year, Nonito Donaire, how to run; I mean how to box in a way that an opponent will look silly. Instead of hearing praises from HBO for showcasing his extremely superior boxing skills, he was labeled as 'boring fighter', and 'is hard to promote'.

What all fighters wanted every time they enter the savage ring is to win the fight, whatever it takes. At some point, fighters even resorted to; out-of-the-rule-book tactics, just to win fights. But Rigondeaux 12-0-0 (KO 8), gave Donaire none of these unacceptable tactics. But instead gave him extreme frustration: frustration, as to how to catch 'The Jackal' without getting hit. But Regondeaux is the one who perfected the art of hitting without getting hit on their April encounter.

After the fight, although Rigondeaux hands rose for victory, I assume when the message was translated for him about HBO comments, he might feel the same frustration as Donaire.

At times I wonder about double standards HBO in handling fighters. Andre Ward I think has the tendency to be even more boring that Rigondeaux because of his hit-hug style. Hopkins who mastered this technique, but why are still HBO's favorites?

I'm in doubt also of the timing of labeling Rigo as 'boring fighter' by HBO in April. That was the time when Floyd revealed that he had a six-fight mega contract with Showtime, and will no longer have HBO for his fights. It's like saying: "hey Floyd, Rigo is just as boring as you, and we don't need you here".

Rigondeaux will return to the ring against Joseph Agbeko 29-4-0 (KO 22), on Saturday night for Rigo's world super bantamweight twin title belts for HBO's Triple Header at the Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City.

I don't know why Rigo still headline here after that statement from HBO? Maybe he will be up to this level only not the PPV type.

Will Guillermo Rigondeaux change his style and brawls Agbeko in order to satisfy HBO?

I think he'll not, because this is what Rigo is, and he's good at boxing technically. Too damn good at it that he will cruise to a unanimous 12 rounds victory against Joseph Agbeko.

Yes. That's my prediction man for Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Joseph Agbeko.

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