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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pacquiao picks Bradley for a rematch on April 12

Pacquiao picks Bradley for a rematch on April 12

Pacquiao has decided to face Timothy Bradley, according to Abac Cordero's "reliable source" via his article posted on,
The Filipino superstar, according to a reliable source, has decided to face Timothy Bradley in a rematch which Top Rank chief Bob Arum has set on April 12 in Las Vegas.

Few days ago Pacquiao challenged Mayweather in a fight for a charity in response to Mayweather's verbal jabs. Earlier. Mayweather labeled Pacquaio as "a desperate dog" who wanted to fight him because of his "68 million tax problems" from the IRS in the US, and BIR in the Philippines.

Pacquiao lost to Bradley in a controversial split decision on their first encounter in June 2012. And again Pacquiao lost to Marquez in his next fight. Marquez is among Pacquiao's option, but the Mexican star ruled out a fifth encounter with the Pacman.

I think, Pacquiao picks Bradley for a rematch because a win over the "Desert Storm" would somehow demerit his devastating loss to Marquez on December 2012. And if in September 2014 still there's no Floyd Mayweather fight -- Pacquiao may lure Marquez for a fifth fight.

Bradley won against Marquez last October for the WBO welterweight title once held by Pacquiao.

A Pacquiao win to both Bradley and Marquez in 2014 will bring more pressure to Mayweather for a super fight in 2015.

Mayweather stressed that his last fight would be on September 2015 -- the final fight of his 6-fight mega deal with Showtime/CBS contract.

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