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Friday, January 24, 2014

Mikey Garcia vs. Juan Carlos Burgos: Fight Preview and Prediction

Mikey Garcia vs. Juan Carlos Burgos: Fight Preview and Prediction
The first three weekends of January 2014 is somewhat slack in terms of high profile boxing. Except last week, wherein we're treated with the "Canadian Superbowl" in boxing. The fight between Luscian Bute and Jean Pascal. But sadly, the fight didn't transpired the way it was hyped. Bute was nowhere near the fighter he used to be. He seemed too nervous throughout the fight, except the final round.

Now I'm glad this week is loaded with several cards. Actually, this is my first preview of a fight for 2014. Here the fight cards you shouldn't miss before this month will be over:

January 24

  • Fox Sports USA Fight Night: Antonio Orozco vs. Miguel Angel Huerta

  • Latin American Light Heavyweight title: Roberto Bolonti vs. Jose Clavero

  • ESPN2 Friday Fight Night: Thomas Williams vs. Cornelius White

  • Resorts International, Atlantic City, NJ (NBC Sports): Curtis Stevens vs Patrick Majewski

  • Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, CA (FOX Sports 1): Cornelius Bundrage vs Joey Hernandez

  • Little Creek Casino, Shelton, WA (ESPN2): Rico Ramos vs Jonathan Arrellano

And on January 25, the fight between Mikey Garcia and Juan Carlos Burgos at The Theater, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY on HBO. This is actually the purpose of this post.  This is a fight between Transnational Boxing Ranking Board, Garcia 33-0-0 (KO 28) ranked number two and Burgos 30-1-2 (KO 20) ranked number three in the super featherweight division. A fight that could be a championship match for the vacant TBRB's 130 pound  division, if not because of the very "strict" championship policy of this emerging ranking body, that: the "first-ranked contender must fight the second-ranked contender to fill the vacancy".

Well, Mikey Garcia is among those names (Provodnikov, GGG, Santa Cruz, Kovalev and etc...) that continue to buzz since last year. And maybe, will hit big time this year. There were write-ups that showed concern over fast tracking the career of the 26 year old Mexican-American ring tactician. Top Rank boss Bob Arum talked about Mikey and Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquaio potential match-up. A bout which is possible because both fighter were on the same side of promotion/network alliance.

However, 147 pound division, where the Pacman currently resides along with the big names/big payday potential opponents for Mikey is still three division north from where he is at super featherweight.

Garcia is a very cool guy in the ring. He's very relax and compose. He's young but his patience in the ring can be compared to a veteran tactician. He said that as he gain "more experience" he also becomes "confident with his skills". Although, I could say that Garcia, early in his career, tend to play it safe too much. But what he said, is what I saw in his previous fights. He becomes a little bit more aggressive in his fight with Salido and Martinez. Although against Martinez, Garcia was down in the second round. He was caught by a perfect counter shot as he moved forward.

Garcia's style

Garcia used to let his opponent follow him while he throw counter shots while on his back foot. His snapping jabs serves as measuring stick for the distance between him and his opponent. And then once his opponent become so complacent in coming forward, as he tries to back pedal, Garcia will pop his opponent with a jab (and if it will connect) he will follow through a power shot with his right hand, while moving his lead foot forward. A move very well-timed and countered by Martinez that dropped Garcia.

On the opposite corner is Juan Carlos Burgos. Burgos, has been fighting several times at this division. Burgos also has the height advantage. An inch and half taller. He's certainly a busy fighter who works for the body very well. He's been in a back-to-back draws in his last two fights. He draws a common opponent, Martinez, and short noticed Amidu in July. Burgos could be very mentally prepared for this fight to keep his career on the winning track; fighting  and winning against Garcia is the way to do it.

My prediction: Garcia by knock out.

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