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Friday, April 4, 2014

Frampton stops Cazares

Frampton vs Cazares results

Carl ‘The Jackal’ Frampton did what he needs to do in the ring to be in line for a fight against Leo Santa Cruz (but looks like with the help of the referee to finish it early?) for the world super bantamweight title.

Transnational Boxing Ranking Board super bantamweight ranked number three Frampton (18-0, 13 KO) drops Cazares (40-8-2, 27 KO) with a counter left hook that sends him (Cazares) to the floor. Cazares legs were too wobbly that he stayed on the floor with his knees while listening to the referee's count.

Cazares was looking at Frampton and seemingly gestures acknowledgement of the great punch that put him down. But, it seems to me that the referee takes it as a gesture of submission. And after the count of nine, the referee waives it off, to the surprise of Cazares who immediately stands up and protests the referee's call. The official time of the stoppage: 1:30 in the second round.

What do you think of the stoppage?

Although it also looks like Cazares miscalculated the count and wasn't able to stand at the right time. But I think it's the referee's job to make sure the fighter knows the count.

Eamonn O'Kane KO 1 Alvaro Gaona

[caption id="attachment_2300" align="alignleft" width="300"]Frampton vs Cazares results Eamonn O'Kane lands the perfect right hand over the top that stops Alvaro Gaona[/caption]

Eamonn O'Kane (12-1, 4 KO) delighted the ringside crowd in Belfast  knocking out Mexican Alvaro Gaona (13-4, 8 KO) in Round 1 with a perfect counter right hand to the face.

Gaona never recovered from that punch and the referee stops the fight. The official time of the stoppage 2:42 in the very first round.

Stephen Ormond TKO 5 Karim El Ouazghari

Ormond (17-1, 8 KO) stops Spanish challenger El Ouazghari (16-4-2, 4 KO) and retains his WBO European lightweight title. Ormond was in control of the fight, landing the crispier shots from the inside, constantly pressing the challenger on the back foot. In Round 4, El Ouazghari getting more confident and backs Ormond as he land combinations from range. But in Round 5 Ormond turns up the heat catches El Ouazghari with a counter right hand, that sends El Ouazghari knee to the floor. El Ouazghari immediately gets up that keeps Ormond going and landing another right hand that put his knee back on the floor. The referee holds Ormond to stop him from throwing more punches from already down opponent. The referee did the mandatory count but then stops the contest as El Ouazghari is in no position to continue.

Marco McCullough TKO 3 Elemir Rafael

Marco McCullough (9-1, 6 KO) had an easy work tonight stopping late substitute, journeyman Elemir Rafael (27-80, 5 KO's) 59 seconds in Round 3. Prior to the stoppage McCullough dropped Rafael in Round 2 with a left straight to the body and a right hand over the top. In the first round Rafael had success in covering up, fending the big shots from McCullough. But early in the second round McCullough throw in some big uppercuts that sliced Rafael's guard. In the third stanza, the referee stopped the fight as Rafael is in no position to defend himself.

Jamie Conlan TKO 7 Benjamin Smoes

Jamie Conlan now improved his record to 11 wins 0 losses, 7 KO's) and continue to be undefeated dropping Benjamin Smoes of Belgium in Round 6. And he finished Smoes, 23rd seconds in Round 7. Smoes  (9-3, 1 KO) took a knee in Round 6 due to accumulation of punches from Conlan who was all over him. In Round 7, Conlan didn't wasted time and immediately followed up with punches in bunches to dropped again Smoes. The fighter from Belgium was able to beat the count but the referee has seen enough and stopped the contest without any complain from Smoes.

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