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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pacquiao breaks left ankle while playing basketball

Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao injured his left ankle on Sunday evening and will likely pull-out from a rematch scheduled on April 12, with undefeated American, boxer Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao reportedly played basketball as he takes a day-off from training camp.

The doctor that takes care of Pacquiao’s injury told that the injury is severe that he (Pacquiao) needed plaster cast around his left ankle.


“It will take between three days to one week before the cast will be removed and it will take at least a month for the injury to heal completely.” the attending orthopedic said.

Although there is no official statement from Pacquiao’s camp or from Top Rank regarding the decision to pull-out or to reschedule the fight, but with the doctor’s assessment -- it’s no-brainer that Pacquiao will not be able to continue his training, which is now in the crucial stage. And will likely be forced to pull-out from the most anticipated rematch.

Pacquaio lost to a controversial majority decision against Bradley on the first bout nearly two years ago. He vows to show his aggressiveness and killer instinct when he meets again Bradley in the ring.

Pacquiao admitted in his earlier interview that his first love is not boxing – it’s basketball. In his previous fight with Rios, Pacquiao also suffered a minor injury caused by playing basketball. But it was not as serious that he managed to continue his training and eventually won the fight.

Roach was reportedly unhappy about the situation and said that it’s okay to play basketball when the fight is still far… but at this crucial stage of training, if he asks my permission… it’s a big NO.

For the full interview of Pacquaio’s attending doctor… click this link.

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