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Friday, October 24, 2014

Alexander Povetkin knocks out Carlos Takam in Round 10

Alexander Povetkin managed to score a huge knockout win tonight in front of his chanting fans at Luzhniki, Moscow, in Russia against a very game and athletic competitor Carlos Takam in 'must win' bout for both fighters in the heavyweight division. It was an extremely entertaining fight that made the partisan crowd chanting from start to end.

takamIn early rounds, it seemed that Povetkin was not able to find his rhythm. His punches were off mark and was tagged by several overhand rights from Takam. I think he's behind from the scorecards before the knockdown in Round 9.

One thing I noticed: Povetkin is not using his jab to set his punches. While Takam was very effective in his jab from the distance. Although Povetkin was effective with his uppercuts from the inside it is obvious that the 33 years old Takam was the busier fighter who threw more and landed more punches.

However, the power of Povetkin carried the night. In Round 9, he landed a solid punch few seconds before the end of the round that sent down Takam. The native of Cameroon although managed to get up and beat the count was obviously hurt.  If the knockdown happened a little bit early, I think, the fight will end in Round 9 itself.

The bell sounded to end Round 9 before even the referee signaled to resume the fight.

In Round 10, Takam came out bouncing on his feet. I thought he recuperated from the previous knockdown. But when the 35 year old Povetkin, who's only lost was against  Wladimir Klitschko last year, pressed forward, Takam was not able to use his feet to evade. Instead, Takam tried to slug it out, but Povetkin landed a strong right-left combination that sent Takam flat on his back.

The referee did not bother to count and immediately stopped the contest and call for ringside help to assess Takam's condition.

With the win, Povetkin was again in the mix for the world title shot. But granted he will be given the shot again against heavyweight kingpin,  Wladimir Klitschko -- we all know what will happen... Right? I'm not entertained with the first fight at all. It was a boring fight wherein Klitschko was happy to use his long jab and clinched every time Povetkin came in. He never engaged Povetkin in a fight. He was there to capitalize all his advantages and bring home his money, not thinking the fans that pay to be entertained.

Do you want to see Alexander Povetkin in a rematch with  Wladimir Klitschko?

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