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Friday, October 31, 2014

Why Pacquiao should move back down in weight?

Many boxing fans wondered why Pacquaio not able to win via knockout as he used to be. I think it is because Pacquiao needs to move back down to 140.

And yet, what's annoying is that: Freddie Roach keeps on predicting a knockout victory for his top pupil. A prediction that is unlikely to happen.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAlthough Pacquiao has been campaigning at the welterweight division since 2009 -- it's obvious that 147 pound is not his ideal fighting weight.

Since knocking out current middleweight kingpin Miguel Cotto in 2009 at 145 pounds contracted weight -- Pacquiao never won again via knockout again.

After the knockout victory over Cotto, Pacquaio won six fights and lost twice in his last eight fights. His wins were all decided by three judges at ringside.

Although it is safe to say that: Pacquaio still has the power in both hands at welterweight. However, his power has less damaging impact to the naturally bigger opponents in the division. Try to imagine Pacquiao and Rios fought at junior welterweight. If the same amount of power punches Pacquiao landed on Brandon Rios, do you think Rios heard the final bell?

On top of that, the 35 year old Pacquiao had weighed in 147 pounds only twice -- out of those eight fights. Although some fights contracted below 147 pounds, which is the welterweight limit.

It is extremely surprising, that those two fights wherein Pacquiao weighed 147 pounds -- he lost. He lost by split decision against Bradley during the first fight. And a stunning knockout loss in Round 6, against arch-rival Juan Manuel Marquez during their fourth encounter.

Below were the Filipino boxing icon's weights against his last eight opponents.

Pacman's weight versus:

  • Timothy Bradley II - 145 lbs.

  • Brandon Rios - 145 lbs.

  • Juan Manuel Marquez IV - 147 lbs.

  • Timothy Bradley I - 147 lbs.

  • Juan Manuel Marquez III - 143 lbs.

  • Sugar Shane Mosley - 145 lbs.

  • Antonio Margarito (for light middleweight title) - 144.5 lbs.

  • Joshua Clottey - 145 3/4 lbs.

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