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Friday, March 1, 2024

Ryan Garcia uploads sparring video between Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney

For whatever reason or simply to get under the skin of Davin Haney, Ryan Garcia shared a footage of a sparring between Davin Haney (his April 20 opponent) and previous opponent Gervonta Davis.

The video was obviously a part of a longer video of the sparring. The video showed Davis, not only dominating but punishing Haney with power shots to the head and body. In my estimate, those punches that Haney took from Davis really hurt and in fairness, Haney was standing.

I don't know how this action will impact Garcia. Maybe no one will allow him to watch sparring session or share any sparring footage with him :). So, guys you be the judge if this is ethical to leak sparring footage like this.

It's a good policy, in my opinion to don't allow filming in a sparring session. At my first glance, I feel something is wrong about in uploading it. What do you think?

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