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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido II: The Mexican champion TKO “JuanMa” in Rd. 10

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The brave featherweight champion, Orlando Salido once again invades Puerto Rico knocking out again the Puerto Rican hero – Juan Manuel Lopez inside round 10.

The former Puerto Rican champion Juan Manuel Lopez (31-1, 28 KOs) seeks to exact revenge from his earlier loss and to probe that he is correct for the excuses he made right after the first fight. JuanMa was in a “must win” situation because this time for sure he knows that there is no room for excuses. 

Before the fight it was perceived that Lopez has the perfect game plan against Salido. 

The fight

In the opening round both men try to figure out each other – sensing as to what adjustment the other will bring. 

In the second round, a more aggressive Orlando Salido (38-11-2) put on the same pressure in the previous match, pummeled Lopez till the third round.

In the fourth, Lopez controlled the action with his superb boxing skills – a clear round for him. But in the fifth, Salido hurt him and try to finish him off. Eager for the kill, Salido left himself open and was knockdown by Lopez with a short right hook as the round ended – he was saved by the bell.

Salido get back in the sixth and seventh round landing power shots thus controlling the fight. But the former champion knows that he can hurt Salido, ignored his first-hand plan and engaged Salido into toe-to-toe action in round nine.

However, in the battle of will, the Mexican warrior continue to surge forward. The end comes when Salido connects a big overhand right that wobbles Lopez and followed by left and right uppercut plus a bonus left hand floored Lopez down. Referee sensing JuanMa’s inability to continue stops the fight – a TKO victory once again for the Mexican.

Post Fight Assessment

Salidos eagerness to put down Lopez in the fifth round caused him to get knocked down instead. But with endurance and great will to win he managed to get back and luckily saved by the bell. But this is the way how to fight Lopez – more pressure and fighting form the inside, which was successful during the first fight.

The same strategy enticed Lopez to abandon his initial fight plan – to outbox Salido. But he deviates from the plan upon knowing that he can hurt Salido. The mistake of Lopez is that he neglects Salido’s ability to absorb more punches than he can and fight Salido’s fight.

If the former champion follow the game plan by heart he could have pull a decent UD? hmmm.. not sure about it. Truly, Joe Louis famous line that says, "Everyone has a plan until they've been hit.”

Lopez needs to recuperate and rejuvenate his career and fight two three matches at least lesser opponents.

Salido with the win solidify his claim in the featherweight division and is up to bigger names.


  1. Great fight! I cannot believe that the once invincible Juan Ma has been exposed by Salido. Wow!

  2. Indeed.. its a great fight. Though Juanma has been exposed, I think fans would still love to watch him. He is a warrior.

    One thing also he needs to look on is the way he accept defeat.

    I read one article, he might be suspended for a year?