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Thursday, March 15, 2012

“20 Reasons why I dislike the Philippines” video, goes viral

Jimmy Sieczka talks about 20 reasons why he dislike Philippines: Photo via

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A video on “20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines” goes viral according to Cebu Live – a fellow blogger web-blog that is based in Cebu. The video was shot in Cebu City by foreigner who lives in the Philippines for three and a half year.

The title of the video itself catches my attention and without reading the entire article I jump into the video and watch the whole content.

Being a Filipino it hurts me a lot to hear such a comment from a foreigner in my country. But in the end I realize that what he present are true.

Though some of it is really part of being a Filipino – then what we can do? (Like cockfighting that is why we have a lot of fighting cocks crowing all over of everyone’s backyard in the entire archipelago.) This custom is dated back during the Spanish colonization in the 15thcentury.

The man, that calls himself Jimmy, told in the video that “I’ve seen and experience the fu@@ing bullshit this country (the Philippines) has to offer”. The points he mention includes manholes, cialis sellers, unsanitary markets, unsafe construction/ unfinished buildings and many more.

Click and watch the video below and try to leave a comment as to how you feel about it.

The things he dislikes are elaborated more in a site My Life in Cebu.


  1. Let's face facts. The fellow in the video is an asshole. Most people in his own country probably even think he's an asshole. He's vulgar, profane, arrogant and a racist. The vast majority of what he says is either misleading, exaggeration or just lies. I can go through this video point for point and refute nearly everything he has to say. As a kano myself, I am ashamed of this guy. Don't fall for his elistist propaganda. Cebu is wonderful! Gighigugma ko Cebu!

  2. No man. Most of them are correct but I agree he exaggerate.

    Yes! Cebu is a great place Ive been living there for 3 years.

  3. @ Goyo in my opinion the way this presents facts is just so ugly. I mean you can criticize anything but at least in a constructive way.

    I do agree.... Cebu is such a nice place!

  4. He apologize after a politician in Cebu City made him "persona non Grata".

  5. I live in Cebu a long time already. Jimmy is absolute right. All what I show is real.
    And if somebody say he is wrong should be open his eyes and forget the pink looking glasses.....

  6. I agree with you. Most of his comments were correct. However the way he presented his comments were inappropriate. It should have been in a constructive way. Like presenting the good and bad about the place or suggesting solution to the things he disliked in the closing part of the video.