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Friday, March 2, 2012

Jeremey Lin: New York Knicks Linsanity, What inspiration it brings?

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New York Knicks rebounded from a loss against Miami Heat last Thursday, 23 February 2012. NYK win against Le Bron James previous team, Cavaliers 120 -103 in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday.

NYK is now 10-3 since Linsanity began on 04, Feb. 2012. 

The win against Cavaliers is the product of inspiration caused by no other than Jeremy Lin. The bench of NYK contributed a lot of points for this game. This includes Novak’s 17, Iman Shumperts 12 and Baron Davis having 12.

 According to NBAstatistics the bench of NYK scored a total of 50 points. Strange for a team who has a major weakness with regards to their bench contribution and scoring early in the season.

This only started when Jeremy Lin was given a chance to play more minutes as advice by Carmelo Anthony to his coach Mike D’ Antoni. Jeremy didn’t disappoint the team and the opportunity, capitalizing every minute he played and from there Linsanity began.

 The amount of inspiration that Lin showed to NYK bench and to the team in general is tremendous. Every player coming off the bench steps up their game and poured in necessary points for the teams’ victory.

The inspiration from Lin is viral as he really showed unselfish game dishing double digit in assists prompted each player either starter or second group to run without the ball in the hard court because they know that a pass will certainly come if they are in the right position to score. 

"I got the ball in some good spots and they found me and I knocked them down....To hear your name chanted at Madison Square Garden, there's nothing like it. It's unbelievable." Novak in his on-court interview.

What’s good about Lin is that he doesn’t only capitalize the opportunity given to him, but he ignites the whole team. 

Talent win games but team-work win championships.

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