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Monday, May 21, 2012

Andre Berto and Lamont Peterson: Failed drug test, make boxing bleed to death

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Boxers that caught using enhancing drugs hurt boxing. It is like the sharp claws of wolverine– scratching the sport we love. Each scratch represents every boxer that failed the test. The deep of the scratch depends upon the boxers’ popularity.

Last week two deep scratch keep boxing bleeding up to now.

Rising star Andre Berto (28-1-0, 22KO) failed to pass random drug test conducted by VADA (Voluntary Anti Drug Association) positive for Nandrolone.

On the other hand, Lamont Peterson (30-1-1, 15KO) fresh from his upset win against Amir Khan also failed to pass the same drug test conducted by VADA.

Both fighters scheduled to fight rematches against different opponents. 

Who will forget the action-packed fight between Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz that I crave for this rematch. Lamont Peterson vs. Amir Khan is equally exiting rematch wherein Khan vows to redeem his title.  However, under the present circumstances, these fights blown like a bubble in the midst of sunny day. 

The sad thing these incident happen in a very short interval. Antonio Margarito–the last popular fighter caught allegedly cheating which until now dismayed by fans. That was three years ago–at least for a long period until these two boxers’ failed their respective drug tests.

Earlier, when Floyd Mayweather Jr. accused Manny Pacquiao using PEDs and demanded him to take OSDT testing until the day of the fight my stand was to disagree. Now, with the recent incidents I consider evaluating from where I stand.

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It is very much unfair to the opposite fighter to lose a fight if the other is using PED’s. Imagine, you will take all the punishment the training regimen has to offer but then you lose because the other fighter is invincible to exhaustion. This is true in a close fight that runs until the last round and stamina is the factor. 

I think the authorities that govern boxing drug testing in any level of competition should implement a stricter testing and should fight to any party that influenced such acts. This is to stop the bleeding caused from deep scratches that might put boxing to death due to hemorrhage

To think that I am alone ranting about this, I am wrong Morgan of shares the same sentiment.

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