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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mayweather vs. Cotto: Three things to ponder

We already watch the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Angel Cotto last week. Here are my three thoughts after the fight and subsequently after watching the reply 3 times.

First, I believed it is much a closer fight for me compared to what the judges’ scorecards revealed. There were good rounds for Cotto more than the scorecards.

Second, I am now convinced that Manny Pacquiao can definitely defeat Mayweather Jr.

Although we can not directly predict a certain fight based upon the result of a fighters common opponent or to his previous fight. But what gave Mayweather Jr. a problem was Cottos’ aggressiveness and relentlessness that I can say was a little bit short or shall I say lacking.

I say lacking or short because I think this is the word that best describe to the quality of a certain fighter that would give Mayweather a problem all night. And speaking of relentlessness and aggressiveness – Pacquiao has a lot from these qualities that can be executed differently. It would be a more different approach of relentlessness and aggressiveness against Mayweather. A much more powerful flurry that comes from many angles, side-to-side, in-and-out and head movement.

However, and again we can not base previous fights in predicting, but it is noted also that Pacquiao somewhat shows decline in speed and footwork. Maybe because he is not getting also any younger anymore or that reported problem in his foot because of wearing formal leather shoes when he is doing his job as a congressman in the Philippines.

I can say that a Pacquiao of his old self, shall we say a Pacquiao on his fight against Ricky Hatton would simply blow away Mayweather, even a Maywether at a younger age.

Third, I am also hopeless to say that this fight would never ever happen because Floyd will definitely unable to fight this year due to his jail sentence. Pacquiao who needs to get past Bradley this June might again fight once more this year, probably on December. 2013 is still a long way to go, and we don’t know if Pacquiao after two fights with different opponents might retire or maybe defeated. Then, there will be different scenario at that time.


  1. Mayweather and Cotto are both tough and great boxer. During their fight, I never thought that Mayweather will win cause Cotto also made a good performance that time. But according to the unanimous result of the judges, Mayweather is still undefeated.

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  2. "I never thought that Mayweather will win cause Cotto also made a good performance that time..."

    Although it is true that COtto have good rounds but for me it doesn't mean that he will win that fight.

    I mean, Cotto had been successful pushing Mayweather towards the rope and pounding him there but for me it is still lacking.

    Lacking means, if he did it most often every three minuted of every round, for sure Cotto will win.

    What I am dismayed is that the judges scorecards. It is suppose to be closer score to say the least.

    Mayweather's ring generalship and composure through out the fight made him win and that made the difference.

    Second, he counters immediately to every punches that Cotto landed to him.