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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mayweather vs. Cotto: who will be the king?

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Finally tonight Floyd Mayweather Jr. (28-0, KO 12), and Miguel Cotto (37-2, KO 30) will share the same ring after all the promotion and marketing had been done. From press tours to several major cities, HBO’s 24/7 series, final press tour and weigh in. The fight dubbed as "Ring Kings" is set at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States for the WBA Super World light middleweight title.

Each fighter, after all the hard work in the training, had in mind now as to how to beat the other. Cotto has a lot to gain in this fight; a win over the regarded as the best pound-for-pound recently, would secure him yet again another big fight – a possible rematch with multi-division champion Manny Pacquiao or and a rubber-match with Floyd, depending on how his win would unfold.

Now, let us get a closer look at each fighter keys to win.

Miguel Cotto should come out smoking in Round 1, be aggressive and look directly for a kill. Both Cotto and Mayweater are slow starter, but Miguel Cotto should adjust and start fast from the beginning–right after the first bell, otherwise the defensive wizard–Floyd will out-boxed Cotto with his superior skills.

It is noted that, Mosley’s only opportunity to beat Mayweather was only in the second round that is when he (Mosley) was aggressive and caught Mayweather with a big right hand. The undefeated champion survived because of his great defense and the remainder of the fight was all for him.

Cotto would not be having any problem being aggressive for it will capitalize his advantage against Mayweather and neutralize his disadvantage to him.

Cotto is bigger, heavier (154 at weigh-in) and stronger than Floyd but 5” shorter in reach and 1” shorter (height) should push hard to even Mayweather reach and slight height advantage.

On the other hand, Mayweather will just simply do what he does best; that is to outbox Cotto, dragging the fight till the end. Tying and using his high elbow guard with his shoulder roll once the Puerto Rican star go for the inside to deliver the punishing body punch. Money should frustrate first a charging Cotto before picking him apart scientifically.

Now, that I am able to post again about this fight I am now more comfortable waiting for the fight

tomorrow morning (5:00 am, 6th May 2012) here in Kuwait.

My prediction? I’ll still go with my prediction earlier. What’s yours? If you had in mind feel free to share and comment.

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