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Saturday, July 13, 2013

A possible lawsuit awaits Drian Francisco after a UD defeat to Chris Avalos

The hard hitting boxer from Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro Drian "Gintong Kamao" Francisco suffered a hearhbreaking Unanimous Decision defeat over a more determine fighter from Lancaster, California, Chris "The Hitman" Avalos for another edition of ESPN2 Friday Fight Night. The fight was held in Texas Station Casino, Las Vegas Nevada on Friday night, July 12.

The all action fight lasted until the final bell; both men have their own moments as the fight come to its end. But Avalos got the most out of the slugfest. Avalos was the aggressive fighter that pushed the action towards Francisco.

Right after the first bell, Avalos engaged and throw combinations that made Francisco fighting on the back foot. Although Avalos was the busier fighter, Francisco landed the crispier blow in the early going. In the succeeding two more rounds, I believe Francisco had it too. His awkward style surprised Avalos, which caught him with uppercuts and body shots.

However, in the middle rounds Francisco was clearly outworked by Avalos and at times, no answer to Avalos combinations and would tied the younger foe several occasions that opts Tony Weeks to issue caution at him. His work rate clearly slipped as the fight wore on.

In the last three rounds, the fight was still up for the grab, for the fighter that will be more willing and determine to raise his hands for victory. And it was Avalos who finished strong and confidently raise his hands after the final bell while Francisco looks exhausted and seems smell his evitable defeat.

The 23 year old fighter, Chris Avalos wins, on the official scorecards that read 96-94, 97-93 and 97-93.

With the defeat, what's next for Drian Francisco?

It is obvious that he would go back to the Philippines to be with his family. But it seems a lawsuit await him there. Prior to the fight Francisco dump his long-time manager Elmer Anuran of Saved by The Bell Promotions according to an article written by Rich Mazon in

“A lawsuit is also waiting for him if he returns to the Philippines in case he loses according to Anuran” Mazon wrote.

In Francisco’s situation right now it looks like he suffered back-to-back losses. If he won the fight, the evitable lawsuit could possibly be stalled because for sure Top Rank will negotiate with Anuran for another clearance to fight—Anuran cleared Francisco for this fight.

A man who decides to lace up a pair of gloves to make boxing as a way of living desires to become a world champion someday, and get the biggest payday of his life. A fighter once given a break for a bigger stage, one of the turning points is to replace a manager. A manager that has the capabilities and abilities to provide his boxers the best fight in the bigger scene.
I believe this is what Francisco’s perceive on his new management. I can’t blame him on his decision. “Aim high and hit the mark”. But what matters is the manner how he seek release from his previous management.

A binding live contract should be respected after all.

However, managers should also understand fighters of their dreams, because they are the ones who eat blows and absorb punishment in the squared circle that sometimes cause their lives.

If I am a manager, and believed not capable to handle to bring out the best fight for a fighter I am handling, which have tremendous potential, then I will be happy to let him go for his betterment.

I am not taking anything away from Anoran or from his promotion.
I hope this will be realized by Francisco and Anoran’s camp. I hope they will settle amicably and these differences will not go further into the court of law.

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