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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Haye vs. Fury: 'You're the haymaker, but I am the playmaker' says, Tyson Fury

The fight between TBRBs rank number three heavyweight fighter David Haye, and number seven, Tyson Fury held a press conference on Thursday, July 11 in England for their September 28 all British showdown in Manchester Arena.

Haye came out all business while Fury was playing around. Fury did not even agree to a faceoff, which is a common act during press conference. “I don’t want to faceoff today because I don’t want to see the fear in my eyes…” Fury told during the pictorials.

The verbal jabs that both men started in twitter continued in the press conference. “If you are the haymaker, but I am the playmaker here”, said Fury.

Fury also told Haye that, “you are nothing but a little girl”. Haye also said that “the more he talks, (Fury) the quicker he gets destroyed.”

Below are photos during the press conference.

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