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Friday, October 25, 2013

Bernard Hopkins retires "The Executioner" moniker, says "I'm an Alien"

Bernard Hopkins retires the excecutioner moniker says hes an alien

Hopkins said that he is an "alien" during the final presser for his fight with Karo Murat on October 26 at the boardwalk hall, Atlantic City, for the light heavyweight title.
"I'm an alien, I don't get old if they're waiting for that." Hopkins said, "because I am of this world, but I'm not from this world."

Hopkins was famous being "The Executioner" in boxing for the last two decades of his career, especially in the middleweight. He wears a mask during his ring-walks portraying as a verdugo to his opponent.

He's indeed an executioner who defended his middleweight title a record 20 times before losing the title to Jermain Taylor in 2005.

I just don't know why Hopkins wanted to replace "The Executioner" moniker. How do you think an alien fights? Is he really an alien? But who knows -- maybe he is indeed an alien? Imagine at 48, he's the oldest fighter to defend a title. Oh come on he's better than that.
"I'm coming to show you all that not only am I different and I don't get tired of doing what I do. I love winning opportunities and situations to win."

I believed that Hopkins lives a clean and discipline life inside and outside the squared circle. This is what made him stay for so long in a sport that is also called "young-man's-sport".

Will Hopkins, at 48 years old, again could defy father time and win against 18 years younger opponent? Will Hopkins fight like an alien this time?

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