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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pacquiao-Rios and Ariza's VADA's drug testing accusations?

Pacquiao-Rios and Ariza Vada Drug Testing Accusations

I tried to connect the events that lingers on Alex Ariza's accusations on VADA's drug testing to Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios for their upcoming fight on November 23 for the WBO International title in Macao.

Alex Ariza said on his twitter on October 23:

Ariza also added, also in twitter that, "just spoke to Filipino media in Gen. San, Vada hasnt even arrived." I tried to ask him to which particular media men in General Santos he spoke to, but up to the time of writing I've got no reply.

In the meantime, a post written by Lem Satterfield on Ringtv Craveonline, Margaret Goodman, founder of The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), said that Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios "have been" randomly tested by VADA.

However, in this post there is no date mentioned as to when the testing for both fighters will commence.

Ariza told Boxing Scene's Edward Chaykovsky that "Brandon has his second test on Tuesday".

I think, Ariza's concern here is the commencing date of each fighter drug testing by VADA. Why is it that both fighters were not tested in the same date or at least having the same number of tests.

I understand that the protocol is random at that no announcement that will come from VADA when to conduct. Results well then submitted to China commission, the promoter and each fighter camp. It is up to these three to announce or not the results.

In another article by Jake Donovan of Boxing Scene, Goodman said,
That is a balatantly false and unsubstantiated story. Pacquiao and Rios have been tested by VADA...

Well. I don't know why Ariza was accused about his statement wherein he confirm this to VADA representative that tests Rios? I think Goodman should ask her representative if they indeed confirmed to Ariza that Pacquiao is yet to be tested.

If VADA representative would come out and say no, then Ariza is simply a liar.

Meanwhile this is Ariza's latest tweet.

@Seckbach @Brandon_Rios1 Funny how Vadas Rep saying Mannys not tested and won't be until "Maybe China" turns into my accusations.

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