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Thursday, October 10, 2013

SPB's recent changes


This week has been very tough for me. Maybe you noticed some error messages when you visit this blog--that if  you're one of those returning visitors of this blog. Well, there are some few changes that I made here at SPB. Now, this blog is being shifted from blogger to WordPress platform. And it is also self hosted, so that I can maximize the customization that I feel would be great for this blog. And to all boxing fans that may stumbled upon on this blog.

During the migration process, I went through series of difficulties. The whole process were new to me. But thanks to the help of one of my colleague. Zaldy, an affiliate marketer and blogger who guided me to all these processes and technicalities. You can find his work here.

I'm trying to improve the feel, look and your browsing experience  of this blog while covering the sport I followed for several years.

Up to the time of this post, there are still some issues that needs to be addressed. But I'm trying to tackle these issues one at a time.

Although, some of these  issues need to be addressed immediately, but I can't afford myself  to miss out in sharing my thoughts on the upcoming fights that we have this weekend.

We have Timothy Bradley taking on Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday. And this is a huge fight after Mayweather-Canelo on September. We have also Pacquiao-Rios coming up in November.

Next week, there will be a long holiday here in Kuwait. This means that I have the needed time to finally finish the work I just have started here at SPB.

Thanks for your patience.

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