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Friday, May 30, 2014

Carl Froch vs George Groves preview and prediction

Carl Froch vs George Groves preview and prediction

It's Carl Froch vs George Groves preview and prediction fight fans!

The most anticipated Carl Froch vs. George Groves rematch will finally happen on Saturday, 31 May, at the Wembley Stadium. The controversy that surrounds the first encounter will finally be settled inside the ring. Referee Foster's absurd stoppage of the first fight in favor of Froch gain so much of controversy and criticism from the ringside fans and the boxing fans in general. As a result, fans demand for a rematch. And both men adhere.

Prior to the first match Groves is undefeated in 19 fights while Froch is a veteran of 30 fights. Froch belittle Groves in the first fight thinking that the challenger from Hammersmith not deserved to be in same ring with him.

On the program "The Gloves Are Off" for this rematch, Froch denied respect for the 23 year old kid that floored him in the first round. Froch, 37, is a proud champion who has already place among the British boxing greats. He had epic fights from who's who in his boxing division. This made Groves so motivated in the rematch.

During the final press conference Groves is so confident of winning on Saturday night. We’ve been working on left hooks–it will be the left hook which finishes Carl Froch on Saturday night." Groves said confidently.

However, Froch simply answered Groves' statement and said, If that’s the case, I better pick my right hand up!, I’m 36 but I’ve still got what it takes. It’s a cliché, but it’s just a number."

The weaknesses I saw on both fighters:


  1. He has limited in-fighting skills, but he compensate in by going to the defensive by doubling up while crouching or smothering Froch counters and simply holding, so that the referee will reset.

  2. He's prone to uppercuts when he doubles up while crouching during close encounters. But Froch didn't throw as much uppercuts during the first fight.

  3. He tends to wear and tire in late rounds.


  1. During exchanges, he has the tendency to position his feet---too square enough---to easily go down if hit with flush counters.

  2. Tends to be too open for counters once mounting own attacks.

My Prediction:

Groves has mental toughness to deal with Froch mind games. So, this rematch boils down to who really prepared physically and trained for the right game plan. And in the actual fight---who can adjust to counter every effective game plan against each other. Who can exploit and improve on the above aforementioned weaknesses. And I think Groves did his homework. George Groves TKO8.

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