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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why Maidana's purse is lower than expected?

Why Maidana's purse is lower than expected?

The fight purses ahh... how you will call it. Salaries? Whatever! Okay, the amount that every fighter will received for the pay-per-view event, we all been waiting for, dubbed "The Moment' that will takes place on Saturday evening at the MGM Grand have been revealed. The main man Floyd Mayweather Jr. is guaranteed at least $32 million while his opponent Marcos Maidana will be getting only $1.5 million. This is as per what I read from every boxing site I visited this morning. I think this is too low for Maidana?

Well I guess, this is one of the reasons why Mayweather chose Maidana as opponent: Maidana is cheaper? (I don't like the word cheap here) but it is what it is. Amir Khan, which is supposed to be Mayweather's opponent and fighting Luis Collazo instead, in the under-card, is reportedly getting also -- $1.5 million -- the same as Maidana. Therefore, if Khan is the opponent of the pound-for-pound king in this event -- Khan would probably get higher than $1.5 million.

Khan may have a huge fan base compared with Maidana, but the feedback that Khan is getting fighting Floyd is underwhelming -- that's another reason Floyd chose Maidana.

Maidana stocks rose when he defeated Mayweather's "little brother" Adrien Broner that will get $1.25 million fighting Carlos Molina also in the under-card. I think Maidana deserves a little bit bigger than what he's getting. Anyway, this amount will of course increase, as the pay-per-view share will be added. However, the same will go for the rest of the fighters involved in this event.

Purses of the rest of the fighters:

  • Luis Collazo - $350,000

  • Carlos Molina - $150,000

  • J'Leon Love - $100,000

  • Marco Antonio Periban  -  $35,000

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