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Friday, May 23, 2014

[Update]Adrien Broner "good Samaritan" act on cam

Adrien Broner “good Samaritan” act on cam

Update: The "homeless guy" that Adrien Broner gave away $1000 to him, was robbed and beaten on the same night. In a video interview from worldstar hip hop  with the same guy, he said that he was robbed and beaten. The guy is wearing a big black eye.

Broner's "act of kindness"---if not recorded on cam and uploaded online---could have made a little difference for the poor guy's life. But that $1000 made him more miserable now. Money no-more and a black eye is what he got. I feel guilty also for posting that video here. It might be that the guy who robbed him might have seen the video here in this tiny blog---who knows?---this made me a feel guilty.

I hope Broner felt the way I do for this guy and do something without recording and uploading a video online.

After the WBC suspended Adrien "The Problem" Broner for a somewhat racist comment he made after defeating Carlos Molina during the undercard of Mayweather-Maidana on May 3 in Las Vegas; Broner did some "good boy" publicity act on cam, giving away $1000 to a "homeless" guy. I can say it's a publicity because why they record it. To somehow ease up the bad boy persona Broner use to portray in boxing.

In the video uploaded by a YouTube channel named Adrien Broner, you can see him giving the amount to a guy. The guy was extremely surprise and he can't convince himself whether Broner was just joking.

Check this video out [warning obscene language used]:

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